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How Can Professional Baseball Benefit from the Usage of Cryptocurrencies?

Baseball, or “America’s pastime” has seen its popularity put to the test with newer generations of fans asking for the game to meet up with the demands for modernizing and excitement. While the MLB has been hesitant to really do welcome brash and fresh changes to the structures of how the game is dealt with, as time goes by it’s becoming more and more apparent that new times call for new measures. One new change has been for platforms that deal with sports wagering options, including those offering World Series betting boards to usher in the usage of cryptocurrencies as one of their new methods of money dealings.

With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum being at the top of the list of new modern trends in the way businesses are being conducted in the sports industry, is it time for pro baseball to truly welcome this new form of money into its dealings?

The NFL and NBA Are Offering Salaries in Crypto, Should MLB Do it?

Two of the three major sports leagues in the United States, the NFL and NBA have already started opening up to the idea of allowing players to receive their salary and contract payments in cryptocurrencies. With athletes seeing this new form of investment as a modern way of being able to invest their hard earned money towards a sound future after their careers are over, splashes of this have already made their rounds around MLB teams around the country.

Following in the likes of players of the caliber of Trevor Lawrence in the NFL and given the massive amounts of money that are managed in baseball deals, sometimes rounding around the area of hundreds of millions of dollars per contract, paying in crypto is not as bad of an idea as it sounds. Yes, there are risks that need to be taken into account like the volatility of the currency in the markets, but with caution and sound decision making skills the results are usually always best.

The Oakland A’s Have Already Said Yes To Crypto Dealings

If there is one team in Major League Baseball that is always up for a little experimenting, especially when it comes to money dealings it’s the Oakland Athletics. We all saw the film “Moneyball”, which told the story about how the A’s executive and now minority owner Billy Beane managed to put together a strong baseball team without breaking the bank at any point, only using math, stats and luck. So it’s no surprise when learning that the A’s are in the forefront of pro baseball for using cryptocurrencies in their dealings. 

Earlier in the year, the A’s were the first team ever to offer fans the option of purchasing tickets for games or for the whole season by using Dogecoin, a form of cryptocurrency. Yes, Dogecoin, the crypto option whose image is the shiba inu dog meme that everyone online loves. By giving the fans the option of doing their purchases with such a monetary option the A’s managed to become the frontrunners in the race to welcome this monetary alternative into the league. A smart move by all means from a team that is high on being right up there with welcoming newer ways to show fans that they’re there to cater for everyone’s needs.

Online Betting In Baseball Using Cryptocurrencies? Play Ball!

Cryptocurrencies have now also started to be used by baseball fans around the world who also fancy wagering on their favorite teams and their game to game action. Online betting platforms have taken the idea of allowing fans to use cryptocurrencies in their biddings as a form to show that they are as ready as any other sports entertainment industry to make the fans’ experience as pleasant as possible.

Dealing with cryptocurrencies in activities like online betting offers fans the option of having to offer as little personal information as possible, leading to fewer risks of fraudulent activities and information tampering. By having options like using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or other crypto options, baseball fans can now do their wagering activities with much more ease, given the fact that specialized sites that focus on these kinds of activities have made it a factual point to be there step by step for their customers to be able to help usher them into this new line of dealings.

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