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How Vechain Technology is revolutionizing the supply chain sector.

Vechain technology is one of the most versatile in the online community. Vechain is divided into three components: real-time supply chain tech, cryptocurrency, and the Vechain platform. In the course of this post, we’d be discussing the real-time supply chain tech. How fascinating does it sound to have your wares tracked or your transaction watched from the beginning of the transaction to the very end of it or till it’s delivered? Vechain was built mainly to address insecurities most business owners and enterprises go through, especially when transacting. The developers of Vechain have helped improve the product life cycle management and the supply chain through the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT). For businesses and enterprises looking forward to improving their business processes or supply chain protocols, the Vechain is the most appropriate.

Seeing the importance of nursing Vechain goes beyond having its token at hand. It provides business owners and enterprises the opportunity of tracking a large chunk of data. You can buy Vechain on probably all changes with several trading pairs. The indicators can include temperature check, authenticity, quality and delivery status. Vechain provides all of these attributes trust-free and business ecosystem improving level of accountability and reduces overhead.

One of the key distinguishing features of Vechain from others is the blending of centralization with decentralization. Hence, the integrating of features from both the decentralized and centralized sector formed the Vechain ecosystem. This blending is typical to Vechain and all of its components. The blending between these two sectors provides users with efficient collaboration, high-speed transfers, and transparent information flows.

Advantages of using Vechain over other cryptos

Vechain is not like the regular cryptocurrency or platform for tracking or supply chain transactions. It’s relatively more than that, and its advantages over others are immense. As mentioned above, the blending of centralization with decentralization is an important distinguishing feature. Centralization sees transaction on networks being governed by a central body, while decentralization puts financial freedom in the hands of the community/masses without a main executive body. Here are some of the advantages of Vechain over others

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID):

One of the several advantages of Vechain over other crypto coins is that it does not only have its platform or its physical tracking system; it’s diversified. Vechain adopts the use of various RFIDs sensors and tags to track essential data during transfer. Every location, temperature and movement of the shipment is broadcast across the Vechain blockchain. So with Vechain tech, shipments and transactions can’t go amiss. This, amongst several other characteristics, puts the Vechain technologies ahead of others when it comes to protecting both physical assets and digital assets.

IOT and DLT technologies:

It’s safe to say that Vechain has the most advanced tracking system in the history of blockchain technology. Vechain is the pioneer of the adoption of DLT and IoT technologies. Vechain tech was built from the bottom to the top with the Internet of Things (IoT) in view. The IoT comprises all the billion networks of smart devices in use worldwide. They are regarded as smart because they have techs that have made communications easy and possible with sensors moving data from one user to another. These devices range from PC to mobile devices to your present gadgets in your home.

Vechain saw the integration of blockchain and IoT technology, and it made sense. Hence, while IOT allows the movement of a large chunk of data from one user to another, blockchain helps monitor these transactions via real-time consensus. However, it should be noted that there are several other tech companies exploring this option of IoT and blockchain.



If there’s one thing ethereum and Vechain have in common, it’s the dual token strategy. This system is relatively straightforward to fathom. In this case, when you buy Vechain, one token becomes the digital cash that could be spent on the Vechain platform or for payment of services on the network, while the other is for programming and smart contract execution. Vechain has VET and VTHO in this regard. This dual strategy of the Vechain technology has helped shoot the price of vechain upwards as well as activities on the platform, and the rate of adoption of VET has increased as well. The supply chain and the tracking system adopted by Vechain will not be available to users without the Vechain token. Hence, if users will need their tracking services, it’s crucial that they possess a number or the Vechain token to enjoy the tracking of the supply chain successfully.

  • Vechain Consensus:

Vechain holds promises sacred, so to keep the agreement with the client intact, it must provide a secure and timely consensus. To this end, Vechain introduced the PoA (Proof of Authority), a proprietary consensus mechanism protocol. This mechanism provides an effective and efficient means of system agreement continuity without any setback whatsoever, which may damage the chain of supply. The PoA is such that it was developed to contain none of the limitations of the PoS (Proof of Stake) and the PoW (Proof of Work), and the DPoS (Designated Proof of Stake). The PoA make use of limited energy consumption when compared to Bitcoin that makes use of nodes to acquire consensus when on the Vechain network.

The creation and birth of the Vechain technology, although it isn’t dated as far back as Bitcoin or other first-generation cryptocurrencies. However, it has been doing remarkably well, introducing advanced technology into the blockchain and cryptocurrency community at large. With Vechain technology, you can be assured your data and entities are safe and well monitored.

In other to buy Vechain, you must note that an optimal understanding of what Vechain can do for personal usage and on a business level is essential. This will help eliminate all form of under-utilization of both the platform, its tech and the cryptocurrency itself. Vechain technologies and cryptocurrencies have in several ways proven its of high importance to both the supply management industries and the crypto community as a whole.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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