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Scientific studies on CBD benefits

Cannabidiol, also known by its acronym CBD, is a naturally occurring molecule or more known phytocannabinoïdes plant Cannabis along with THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Although there are up to 120 different molecules or cannabinoids in the plant, CBD is the component with the greatest interest today, given the various cosmetic and therapeutic applications, and the various scientific studies that we will present below.

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CBD: a non-psychoactive, legal and 100% safe cannabinoid from the cannabis plant

Unlike THC, CBD does not present any type of psychotropic effect with which it is commonly and erroneously associated with the plant. These molecules are present in varieties of industrial hemp, also known as hemp or Cannabis Sativa L., intended to develop cosmetic, textile, paper and construction products, among other derivatives.

Full-spectrum CBD and the “entourage effect”

The use of industrial hemp varieties present in a list suitable for cultivation in the EU in cultivation fields in Italy and other European countries allows growers to develop products with a low THC level. They can reach percentages significantly lower than 0.2% of THC as determined by the legal framework in the UK and most of Europe and keeping the rest of the cannabinoids naturally present in the plant.

The best farmers’ efforts are focused on selecting the best varieties traditionally to obtain a result with a high content of CBD or Cannabidiol, free of pesticides, fertilizers or heavy metals, and a complete spectrum of molecules full-spectrum, to ensure maximum efficacy and safety in our products.

This synergistic effect of cannabinoids is known as the entourage effect, given the joint action of various cannabinoids and other natural plant molecules, such as terpenes. There are hundreds of cannabinoids in the plant that create the effectiveness of the plant, given the complexity of our endocannabinoid system.

The combination of terpenes, which provide the plant’s natural and characteristic aroma, with cannabinoids, according to the opinion of several experts, enhances the effectiveness of the plant and is where the weight of the use and applications of medicinal cannabis will lie in the near future.

Pain and CBD oil

When we talk about treating pain with CBD, we often have sublingual use in mind and no wonder. This preferred and most common way of using it in the world (although in Europe there is no regulation for this use) But, don’t worry! We can also benefit from its properties by using it externally.

There are already several studies on how cannabinoids can help manage pain. A 2016 study suggests that topical use might also help control arthritis pain and inflammation.

And we know already that CBD oil and other CBD products help people a lot.

As for most people at work, most of the days, we work glued to the computer screen and being seated all the time takes its toll, and our neck area is destroyed. For this reason, many times, we can massage the area with CBD oil, and it helps us alleviate it a lot.

But there is more to enjoy from CBD! We can often use CBD when we go out on the bike and return with heavily loaded legs or when we have some specific pain.

Properties of CBD for the skin 

CBD oil drops have been known for allowing people to help them relax a lot. You can also add a few drops to your facial cream, and you will notice that the skin becomes super smooth and without redness. It is a typical testimonial on CBD and topical use!

And while it is most commonly used for pain relief, CBD also has a ton of benefits for your skin.

Its main properties are:

Soothing: Helps to calm the skin and recover from aggressions (such as solar).

Antioxidant: Another of the properties is that it is an antioxidant, which helps to reduce the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles or expression lines, dullness of the skin and reddish tone.

Non-invasive: Unlike some creams that treat specific problems that can be very invasive, CBD oil targets only problem cells, allowing the skin to recover without irritation or drying.

Study on the quality of CBD oils marketed in Europe

A recent survey of several CBD oils sold in Europe was carried out and published by the Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis in Spain. It is a non-profit association that ensures knowledge of the medicinal properties and uses of cannabis and its derivatives.

The analytical study was presented in 2018 through a press conference to different media, entities of the hemp sector and interested patients. A survey carried out on 30 products, determining as a sample 2 different batches of 20 brands of CBD and cannabidiol/CBD oils considered the most representative of the European market. The study was about parameters such as the amount of CBD claimed in the containers, their related phytocannabinoïdes (CBDA, THC and THCA), and the presence of pesticides and heavy metals, two chemical ingredients as possible contaminants.

Thanks to this study, you should know that all the CBD products found online are not equal and that you should only buy your CBD oil, CBD hash or CDB flowers from the best retailers such as

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