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4 Distinct Payment Gateways To Suit Any Kind Of Business

Payment gateways have long ago established themselves as an industry standard for e-commerce. And any company, ranging from local shops, that want an easy solution, to multinational corporations, in search of high-risk payment gateways in the USA, must pick a provider suitable for their own specific needs.

This article was created to highlight the strong and weak points of popular providers, with the intent to help readers choose the best one for themselves.


Uncontested industry leader, and for a good reason, PayPal offers easy implementation, wide international accessibility (PayPal is capable of making transactions in 25 different currencies), and competitive fees, especially for domestic US companies.

It has several flaws, like inconsistent fees on international transactions, potential problems getting money to your bank account (for companies not based in North America, Europe, or Australia), and bad customer support.

If you want something easy and your company is US-centered then it’s a clear favorite.


Maxpay is a payment gateway that prides itself on its strict merchant-first policy. Due to a collaboration with Covery, they have an outstanding fraud prevention system as well as chargeback protection based on a recently designed VMPI method. The price per payment is transparent and consistent internationally.

Their customer support is arguably the best in the industry, with them being able to address any problems, or just answer general questions, about legal, financial, or technical sides of money transferring, implementation, and general business management.

Prices, on the other hand, are a little higher than PayPal might offer, but if you’re a high-risk business owner then you should definitely check their offers out.

Stripe Connect

A payment gateway for developers, Stripe Connect empowers business owners to control the flow of funds, write custom rules for fraud prevention and create their own UI, including, of course, payment methods available to customers. Several APIs, many tools, and premade building blocks make basic setup relatively easy while leaving unlimited space for improvement.

Still, to efficiently employ Stripe Connect you will require programming knowledge, and even then, mounting this gateway on your website is a way more complex and time-consuming process than most other providers would offer. The fees leave a lot to wish for too.

If you are a developer and you are looking for flexibility, while retaining top-notch payment security, then Stripe Connect is definitely worth looking into.


GoCardless is an app created primarily to service companies with a subscription-based business model. It automates recurring payments and reduces the time spent dealing with invoices. It’s very easy to implement too.

Nonetheless, their payment processing is somewhat slow, taking a couple of days at its best, and the invoices can be automated further. But overall, a great choice for accepting recurring payments.

Closing remarks

I hope this article helped you discover a payment gateway provider capable of catering to your specific needs. If you are still not sure, consider visiting the websites of companies listed, and skimming through their blogs.

Please share this article and tell us about your own experiences with payment gateways.

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