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Changing the Gaming Industry with Blockchain

Every day, new applications of blockchain technology are being discovered around the world. However, people associate blockchain with bitcoin and financial items. Nevertheless, this technology is applied in various fields, including the world of gaming.

Here’s how the world is changing the gaming industry with blockchain.

Blockchain and Gaming

The video gaming industry is one of the most promising industries that is beginning to use blockchain technology. In fact, this technology is currently being actively pushed into the video game sector, which is worth over $ 170 billion. By comparison, the sector was only valued at $ 100 billion in 2018 and had 2.2 billion consumers.

Dominic Andreasson, an expert in the gaming and blockchain industry, brings his wealth of experience into writing. You can view his profile to find out more.

Players in Sweden are beginning to embrace blockchain technology in games. This is no shocker since the region has several fascinating gaming initiatives that use crypto and blockchain technology. Also, casino online svenska and other gaming platforms in Sweden accept bitcoin for payment.

The benefits and drawbacks of blockchain technology in games

Blockchain, like every other innovation, has advantages and disadvantages. In fact, society boasts of two unique divides: one that is ecstatic about the arrival of this technology, and another that is suspicious. Blockchain technology, on the other hand, has more benefits than drawbacks.

Owing to its pros, many video game producers are constantly researching and incorporating technology into their creations. Many people are keen on learning more about how blockchain can be used in gaming. The innovation can benefit both users and developers in a variety of ways.

The issue of fake and hacked accounts, for example, can be solved with blockchain. This motivates gamers, developers, and even gaming companies to produce cutting-edge technology for the gaming business. Gaming has already entered a new era. The following are the primary advantages of blockchain for the video game industry.

Reliability and safety

The blockchain’s security and reliability reduce the frequency of fraudulent instances. Because the data on the blockchain cannot be changed, the number of thefts of valuable game products and accounts can be reduced. Furthermore, the blockchain’s transparency minimizes the chance of fraudulent gaming schemes.


Microtransactions that are quick, light, and inexpensive are advantageous, especially for developers. The industry is shifting as a result of new approaches to monetize developer effort. Blockchain technology is independent, which means it is free of central authorities and ensures transaction transparency.

There are also no illegal blockchain markets; all that exists is adherence to the regulations that allow for secure interactions to thrive. Traditional centralized networks’ microtransactions are less dependable than those on the blockchain network.

Fees are low

Surprisingly, the blockchain has low fees for its transactions. This has a favorable impact on the economy of in-game operations since it allows gamers to save money on goods and services. Furthermore, because the blockchain is a self-contained, decentralized system, no middlemen or central governing entities are required.

It is now easy to own “real” virtual items thanks to blockchain technology

The virtual products industry is rife with fraud. Due to a distrust in the market, isolated, centralized trading platforms have emerged, which frequently charge exorbitant fees when transferring assets. Furthermore, a sudden closure of the gaming platform could result in the loss of gaming assets.

On the other hand, the video game industry never stands still; new blockchain-based solutions to these issues emerge regularly. Wax and Enjin Coin are some current projects that are revolutionizing virtual goods ownership today.

Gaming sites use blockchain technology to process payments

Micropayments can be delivered directly from players to the game creator using the bitcoin payment system, eliminating intermediaries in transactions. There is no more a need for a middleman thanks to blockchain.

The benefits of blockchain are sufficient to persuade the gaming industry to adopt it. Video games can also be distributed using blockchain. Game makers can immediately upload video game data through the decentralized marketplace and publish products to a centralized marketplace such as the iOS App Store.

Once again, a centralized middleman and exorbitant fees are avoided. GameCredits is a payment system that does exactly that.


Every gamer loves the ease of payments and play; hence you should take advantage of blockchain gaming in the nearest future.

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Sam Allcock
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