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How to Use Promo Codes to Boost Your ECommerce Store’s SEO

Using promo codes offer a valuable marketing tool in your strategy for all sizes of e-commerce stores. It’s no secret that promo codes draw potential buyers, encourage them to buy, and do many other things. However, promo codes are endowed with a remarkable ability to enhance your e-commerce website’s SEO as well.

With the fact that there are over 15 million coupon-related searches and queries every month, improving your eCommerce store’s SEO can offer you a valuable opportunity to attract a large demographic of people that want to buy your products. With reputable SEO services, you can get great outcomes at affordable prices.

Promo codes can also improve your online presence in several ways, like having a good impact on your domain authority and overall rank. Keep reading to learn how you can make the most of the promo codes to enhance your eCommerce site’s SEO.

  • Using Target Keywords: Promo codes are used for attaining all kinds of marketing goals that also improve the website’s SEO. One can use target promotion-related keywords that can help you to attract more traffic. This means using keywords like:
    • Promo code
    • Coupon
    • Sale
    • Coupon

Additionally, the e-commerce website owner may collaborate with the influencers who will spread the word about the same. You can also share promo codes on social media profiles plus include them in your print ads, paid search campaigns, and everywhere else where it is possible. It will help you attract more traffic from your current customers.

Using promo codes this way will help you generate the buzz for improving overall website traffic, conversions, and CTRs and positively influencing other valuable factors connected to your e-commerce store.

The various types of promo codes to attract higher traffic:

  • Sign up for a Discount
    • Direct cash Discount
    • Percentage Discount
    • Free Gift
    • Free Shipping
    • Expiry Promotion
  • Using expiry promotion

Click through factor is an important criterion for ranking on various search engines. E-commerce stores can draw traffic in multiple numbers of ways. Improving promo-related keywords can improve conversion rates and improve sales. Create a CTA, and you can also add an urgency factor to it using conversion-driven language; for example, “Buy today! Offer ends on coming Sunday.”

  • Use regular promotions to keep your site fresh

Content freshness is an important ranking factor ever since Google Caffeine Update. Time-sensitive searches get evaluated with the frequency with which the pages get updated over time. Reputable services for E-commerce SEOgive you the best way to optimize the creation of new promo codes by creating and posting new promo codes on your e-commerce store regularly.

Create independent promo codes that you can update with all your deals. And include these promo codes on your product pages. Optimize the website for effective and resourceful target keywords like a deal, affordable price, reduced price, low price, and more. Following this, create internal links from the website’s various areas pointing back to your promotion page. Now, optimize the anchor text for varied types of promotion-related target keywords.

Create internal links from the product pages and other website areas directing to the promotion page. Do not forget to update your page with the next promotional offer and give a note to the visitors to grab the upcoming deals.

  • Use Creative Sales Strategies: Come up with exhilarating sales offers that can attract a lot of traffic to your promo page using search and other things. It proves to be a useful strategy if you are clearing out the inventory and refreshing your listings.
  • Enhancing reviews: Provide promo code discounts to your audience in exchange for reviews of your products. Google reviews are important in Google shopping results and everybody that searches for products or services on Google knows this.
  • Consider investing in PLAs (Product Listing Ads): It means Google will display your products in the Shopping search results. This also means that Google also offers star rating reviews collected from merchant websites, editorial sites consumers, and third-party review aggregators. It’s no wonder that positive and negative reviews and ratings have a prominent say in whether the searchers will click on your product advertisement. According to the services of SEO India you should ask the customers to give product reviews using promo codes that improve your product’s appearance across the internet. Another brilliant idea is to use special promo deals for your existing customers by sending them marketing emails directly. For instance- Get 10% off on your next purchase if you review our product.
  • Using promo codes for link building: Promo codes can help your SEO with link building. Promo codes should be designed for sharing on other websites, offering you a great opportunity to build new links and buy SEO backlinks that direct towards your site. Coupon affiliate sites are also a large part of link building using promotional codes.

Coupon link-building sites are a large part of affiliate link building requiring the use of promo codes. One can also look for niche coupon sites where you can get links back to your website if they are featuring your promos. Coupon affiliate sites comprise a large part of your link building. However, remember that there are many spam coupon sites present. It is essential to steer clear of spam websites. The spam websites do get a rank among top results but display spam codes for the stores. These do not work or lead to your promotional product page until you do not pay these websites. The best way to check a reliable coupon is to ensure that the site has great metrics like high domain authority and the best backlinks for SEO.

  • Influencer Platforms: The boom in the e-commerce market has been present for a long time. It is presenting a competitive challenge to stand out irrespective of the size of your e-commerce store. Use unique strategies to spread the word about your products like asking bloggers and influencers to pitch for your products.

The bloggers and influencers provide several probable ways to generate links with your promo codes. You must keep track of blogs and other niche sites for finding sites where you can collaborate. Some websites could feature your products on their blog. You can get a highly cost-effective way to help the target audience learn about your products and drive more traffic to your website. The bloggers can feature one of your products on their blog, with things like placing offers- for example, they may offer “10% off on your promo code” for encouraging the audience to buy. This step of SEO India is all about finding influencers and bloggers that can promote you affordably to make your products popular and get greater traffic on your advertisements.

The great benefit of using an influencer platform will help you in saving time and minimizing your effort. One does not require spending hours on social media looking for influencers. There are several influencers and platforms that present great solutions for reducing the amount of time spent on profiling and connecting with new influencers. This will help to channelize your efforts in optimizing your campaign. Some of the best influencer platforms you can use for your SEO campaign include:

  • Intellifluence
    • Influencity
    • Fourstarrz Media
    • Public Fast
    • Heepsy
    • Neoreach
    • HyperAuditor
    • Webfluential
    • Pitchbox
    • Klear
    • Activate

And more.

Overall, creating and posting promo codes on influencer platforms is one of the best ways to increase your outreach to your audience. It can also improve your SEO by creating buzz, encouraging reviews, targeting new keywords, and link building. Always keep e-commerce SEO in mind for your next promo code campaign and reap complete benefits from your efforts.

You will also find a host of retailers that can run various promotions constantly and convince shoppers for final sales. Many of the online shoppers today will simply walk away driving conversions.

There are several unique and innovative coupon codes and promotions that can push consumers on the basis of an impulse alone. Giving cart level discounts can be enticing enough and can greatly push up conversion rates.

  • Best practices for leveraging coupon codes
    • Target usage: One can target the sales and the promos that meet various specifications. One can use different terminology for referring to a promo code addressing it as something else like a special offer code or a voucher. Promos can be used to encourage the interaction of current customers and also for showing customer appreciation.
    • Coupon code uses: Technology advancements and innovations come faster; for example, you may require the use of coupon codes across several platforms. These also allow for consumers’ attention before any promotional codes get presented to them. Combining e-commerce SEO India with promo codes can significantly enhance your sales and also ensure that your on-site engagement is good.

Practice SEO techniques for increasing the visibility of your promos and coupon codes. The various types of promos codes you can use coupling them with the target SEO keywords will help you in ranking better. It includes free shipping codes, loyalty reward codes, social media codes, pre-launch promo codes, and more.

  • Various ways to present promo codes: You may refer to a promo code as a voucher or special offer code and avoid appearing salesy to your customers. Using slightly different terminology means that consumers will pick your message when they want to reach them.

The Takeaway

With their versatility, the promo codes not only help you to boost the traffic of your website but also increase conversions and revenues. You can use Promo codes as a part of your e-commerce website’s SEO strategy and increase your sales. Using these tips, you can find a great way to improve conversions on your website.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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