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Sayed Sayedy and His Achievements as A Social Worker

There are not many people who choose to change the lives of others. Everyone does not like to interfere with the difficulties other people are facing or even share the hardship they are struggling with. This is not the case with Sayed Sayedy and his mother because both have dedicated their lives to help the people in need in all possible ways. 

Sayed is an activist, social worker, coach, mediator, trainer, peace activist, and many other things. He is from Afghanistan and is a 1992 born sociologist. He completed his undergraduate studies in Parwan and has been working as an activist and helper in the schools and educational institutions that he is associated with, such as the German Adult Education Association.

He and his mother are actively participating in campaigning for many good causes, such as the fights against human rights, women empowerment, etc. He has been working from his hometown and also from many other places as a cultural facilitator. Therefore there are no chances of misunderstanding developing between the two communities anywhere. 

“Heroes against the Suppression in the Name of Honor” is a project that is carried out in Munich. Sayed is actively participating as an integration counselor in this project to help the people in need. He helps the refugees taking shelter in the asylum. As a job coordinator, he helps them find the right way of building up their career. 

Training is the term used to help people who are willing to try something new in the field of sports. The main focus here is to make sure that every individual will become better in everything they try. Training also means the trainer is transferring his knowledge to his student in any field, in all possible ways. Sayed works as a trainer for the required individuals and helps them achieve their goals in any field in the world of sports. 

Coaching is the term used to describe the idea of helping one find the best way of shaping their life, as they please. Here, a coach cannot decide what is best for a trainee but can guide one to choose the path that can lead them in understanding what works well for them. Sayed works as a coach for many individuals to help them in understanding what every individual is good at and how to nourish that particular talent in them. 

The mediator is the person who works with the main goal of conflict management. All the individuals involved in a conflict are made to sit together. There is a discussion about what went wrong and even discover the solution to resolve the issue. A mediator will not decide who is right and who is wrong but will help the involved parties to conclude. 

In some social institutions, integration counseling is mandatory, as the chances of conflict development are high. The best way of handling such situations in schools, communal accommodations, etc. is by becoming even an intercultural communication specialist if needed to resolve the conflicts. Sayed is a great communication specialist and mediator in resolving conflict matters. 

Most of the time, misunderstandings arise when there is an involvement of attitudes, comments, etc., in the asylum-seekers belonging to different communities. It can be because of the miscommunications caused between the unknown languages. Sayed works as an interpreter between the communities and has great success on violence prevention, which may arise in the future. 

In terms of gender, age, ethnic origin, physical disability, etc., the chances of inequality development problems are high. Such issues are efficiently handled by hosting some kind of diversity management seminars. Here, the individuals gain an understanding of the importance of both cultural and personal diversity. Sayed undertakes the work of making people understand the importance of every culture and diversity in the world. 

Conflicts and disputes have become an important part of every social circle today. Be it a colleague circle or the circle of friends, the development of conflicts and disputes are quite common. However, handling such situations is what will make a change in the world and Sayed is an expert in handling such situations through the process of nonviolent communication. 

Intercultural competence is something that cannot be achieved overnight. The growth in the number of refugees in any camps has increased the chances of intercultural cohabitation. With the help of the seminars, Sayed and other such volunteer workers will focus on making the refugees understand the importance of challenges that they might face in their life outside the refugee camps. 

The best way of helping someone is by understanding them and coming up with ways of making them understand what you are trying to say. You can learn more about such methodologies by following the official account of Sayed on Instagram, Facebook, and other such social media sources.

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Sam Allcock
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