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Yoga Poses That Restore Your Spine

These poses are designed to help you find relief from the stresses of life and open up your spine for a more relaxed state. They can be performed at any time, whether you’re home alone or on a long commute in traffic. The best part is that they don’t require any equipment except your body! So try these out today and see how much better you feel because of Instaskincare advice.

Cat Pose

Cat pose (Marjariasana) can be done both in the morning and in the evening. On awakening, it helps to wake up, revitalizes the mind and body. And in the evening, it relieves fatigue and gently kneads the entire spine, which was, for sure, tense and constrained. This exercise is beneficial for those who have a sedentary job and a sedentary lifestyle.

The name of the asana speaks for itself. We all watched the cat, how it moves smoothly and gracefully, what a flexible spine it has. In yoga, with the help of this asana, we can also become like a cat. Marjariasana has a charming effect on the spine, over and over again, increases its mobility, relieves tension, makes us more flexible. And, as you know, the flexibility of the body is a sign of youth, beauty, and health of a person.

And yet, the cat pose is easy to perform! Anyone can do it, both a beginner in yoga and those who experience back pain. The primary condition: perform this exercise smoothly and slowly. For any discomfort, you will need to relax your efforts or even get out of the pose. But gradually, the weak back muscles will strengthen, the joints will become more mobile, and you will no longer experience discomfort and even more pain. Then, you need to continue to make the “cat.”

Cow Pose

The benefits of this pose are as follows: crossed legs increase blood circulation in the muscles and joints of the legs, which relieves tension from them, improves their mobility. It enhances the function of the lower spine. The position of the hands reduces pressure from the joints of the hands, improves their mobility. The pose opens and expands the chest, which improves the activity of the heart and lungs, gives a joyful mood, and increases the energy of the body.

Downward Facing Dog

The transition to this asana should be carried out while inhaling, lifting the hip joint, and straightening the knees. Straining the muscles of trouble, we tighten our knees, and we test the powers of the dorsal region. It helps to lengthen the spinal column.

Then it would help if you straightened your legs as much as possible, even tear your heels off the floor. Keep your arms and spine in one line. Finally, the head and neck are relaxed, breathing is even and calm. Inhale and exhale rhythmically. The asana lasts about 60 seconds, and it’s not just viral marketing, it really works.

Relaxation, relieving fatigue; nutrition of the brain: improving blood circulation; strengthening the muscles of the arms and legs; acceleration of digestion; pain relief, general strengthening therapeutic effect; lowering blood pressure; removal of symptoms of such diseases: (asthma, flat feet, sinusitis, sciatic nerve inflammation).

Child’s Pose

The asana is helpful for those who spend most of their time in a stationary position. At the same time, the pose allows you to relax your back, stretch the spine and relieve spasms in the neck. Balasana is of great benefit to people with chronic fatigue syndrome, allowing the body to rest in a short period.

This asana has a beneficial effect not only on the physical but also on the psychological state. If you do the exercise several times a day, your mood rises, your concentration improves, and the symptoms of depression and apathy disappear. This position is suitable for people with a tendency to anxiety disorders. It allows you to relax the body and mind, removing emotional clamps.


Your spine is the foundation of your body. Without it, you couldn’t walk or even function as a human being. However, when there’s too much pressure on the back and neck area from sitting at a desk all day or carrying heavy bags, this can lead to chronic pain, which may affect your quality of life. Luckily, there are ways to keep your spine healthy by doing yoga poses every day! Read below for five simple exercises that will help promote better posture and reduce chronic neck and back pain in no time!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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