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5 Typing Jobs You Can Do from Home

Many of us have had the opportunity to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. While most employers have invited their employees back into the office, many are finding that they don’t necessarily want to go back to sitting at a desk for eight hours a day.

A great number of people are actually quitting their jobs to pursue other ventures that give them more freedom. Whether you’re looking for fully remote jobs or want to start your own business, there are some great typing jobs you can do online to make either a full-time or part-time income.

Below, you’ll find five typing jobs you can do from home to help you add more freedom into your life.


If you have a good ear and fast typing fingers, transcribing audio files may be a great fit for you. From interviews to phone calls to podcasts, transcriptionists listen to audio and type down exactly what they hear.

Many business owners hire transcriptionists to do this so they can turn the content into blog posts, books, or case studies.

Data Entry

Do spreadsheets, numbers, and formulas get you excited? Are you a wizard at typing quickly – especially numbers?

Then you may want to look into some data entry jobs. While it doesn’t sound like the most exciting job in the world, for the right person this could be the perfect fit. It requires close attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills.

Customer Service Chat

Did you know that there are real people on the other side of those chat bubbles that pop-up when you visit a business’s website? And now you can be that person!

If you enjoy helping people and answering questions about a specific service or product, you could become a customer service chat agent. This position is perfect for those who don’t necessarily want to handle customers over the phone but still want to help them.


There isn’t too much typing with this job, unless there are plenty of grammatical errors and contextual mistakes. If you have a keen eye for mistakes and love to read, you could be a fantastic proofreader.

Many businesses hire proofreaders to make sure their materials are free of errors. This role is especially important in the medical and science field as research studies and papers must be perfect before they’re published.

The beauty of this job is that you can work with virtually any industry. Choose the type of topics you want to proofread and get to it!

Medical Scribe

If you have an interest in medicine but never wanted to become a doctor, this could be the perfect stay-at-home job for you. Becoming a medical scribe means helping doctors and physicians fill out their paperwork and transcribe their notes into professional documents.

There’s also a growing need for medical scribes, which makes the job very in demand. If you’re interested in becoming a scribe, check out Provider’s Choice Scribe Services today.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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