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Five unknown facts about Hotel Sail in Dubai: duplex apartments decorated with gold

The building constructed in the form of a beautiful white sailing ship, which so majestically rises above the horizon and looks advantageous against the backdrop of the blue of the Persian Gulf, is the famous luxury hotel Burj Al Arab. And if this information is still known to many, then below you will learn five facts about which little is said, but which will definitely complement your admiration for this hotel! AX Capital, luxury real estate agency in Dubai, possesses much more information than an ordinary tourist.

About Burj Al Arab

To begin with, let us recall what this luxury hotel is like:

  • Category: 5 stars;
  • Location: Dubai Marina – Jumeirah Beach Road;
  • Own helipad at an altitude of over 200 meters;
  • Predominance of luxurious golden shades in the interior.

Now let us move on to the facts that you might not know about.

Fact # 1: Duplex apartment

There is not just the presence of two-level rooms – all, absolutely all rooms are like this. The minimum area of ​​the room is 170 sq. m., and the largest one is over 650 sq. m. This room is a presidential suite for the whole family, as it has as many as three bedrooms.

Fact # 2: Real gold

And this is not a metaphor: the decor elements of the hotel rooms are indeed inlaid with real 24-carat gold. It is known exactly how much gold was used in the chambers of this palace – there is data on the hotel’s website that a total of 1790 sq. m. of interior decoration of Burj Al Arab is covered with gold.

Fact # 3: Man-made island

Perhaps this fact will not seem surprising to a person who was in Dubai and saw, for example, the Palm Jumeirah island, also created by people. However, in relation to Sail, the structure itself, or rather, its durability, seems surprising: the huge building weighs, according to approximate estimates, 250,000 tons!

In order for the Sail to remain on the surface, 250 piles were erected under it, each about 40 meters high. The perimeter of the island is protected by special blocks from waves, which indicates the utmost safety of the building.

Fact # 4: Blankets with secret

Of course, the very fact that they offer warm blankets in the rooms in a hot country seems strange. Perhaps blankets are needed for those travelers who like to first create a fierce cold in the living space with the help of an air conditioner, and then cover themselves with a warm blanket and keep warm. One way or another, there are blankets, and not simple ones: eiderdown is used as a filler. This is one of the most expensive materials: fluff is obtained from abandoned nests; each nest can produce only about 20 grams of fluff. It is allowed to collect only 2000 kg of eiderdown per year. You can imagine how much one such blanket costs.

Fact # 5: Taking care of nature

The sail hotel houses a sea turtle hospital, where injured and sick animals are rehabilitated with the support of Dubai Wildlife Conservation Department.

Assistance in purchasing real estate in Dubai!

Staying in luxury hotels in Dubai is good. And it is even more beautiful to wake up every morning with a view of such magnificent buildings as Burj Al Arab! Finding accommodation overlooking the Sail or any other apartment in Dubai is an easy task for AX Capital. Contact the company to get qualified assistance with any questions in the field of Arab real estate.

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