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Why do you need an exhibition stand?

As digital convenience and online retail capabilities increase, many companies don’t recognise the true value of personal interactions today, but there is a reason why convention centres and trade events are consistently packed with visitors. Even as technological advancements continue through the digital age, exhibition shows will continue to be widely popular. They are a powerful tool that can help you stand out and take your business experience to the next level.

Your exhibition stand is a lot more than just a space to vaguely greet possible customers, it is an interactive setup where visitors can truly get to know your business, products, and team. At Showplace Ltd we can bring your ideas and vision for your exhibition stand to life, creating unique and bespoke products that will draw the attention of visitors and show off your brand identity. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry our professional team can make exhibition stands that effectively promote any sector, product, or service no matter how niche, even if your company offers hydraulic repairs and plant maintenance.

6 reasons why you need an exhibition stand to promote your business

1) It can define your brand

Exhibition stands can define your identity as a company. When you attend an exhibition or trade show, visitors will see hundreds of other businesses as well as yours, each providing a basic image of their unique selling points. Being part of an event with an eye-catching stand ensures you are part of the trade show buzz and can help you uncover exciting leads that you might have otherwise missed. No matter what events you want to attend, you should make sure your stand design reflects the values, ethos, and products of your business to effectively stand out from the competition.

2) It allows you to interact with your audience

Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to network and interact with your key target audience face to face. Your exhibition stand gives your team the unique ability to meet prospective customers and build valuable and long-lasting relationships. It is beneficial in forming new business opportunities and maintaining good relationships with your existing clients. Nothing can form a stronger foundation for a relationship than a warm handshake and an engaging conversation.

3) It sells products

Exhibition stands are ideal for showcasing products or services to your target audience. They allow you to show and tell everyone what your product does and how it will benefit them. To have a successful event, make sure your graphics are consistent with your branding and are cohesive with your objectives. It is helpful to organise your stand design from your visitor’s point of view and try to plan ahead what questions they might ask about your products.

4) It highlights your unique selling points

A good exhibition stand should tell possible customers who your company is and what products or services you provide, but more importantly, it needs to highlight the unique benefits your business has to offer. It provides a great opportunity to tell your audience why they should choose your company over your competitors. You can communicate this through giveaways you offer, interactive technologies, quizzes, and carefully designed graphics.

5) It can help to launch new products

Exhibition stands offer you a useful platform to launch new products or offer special limited deals. There is no better setting to create excitement about the latest products your company has to offer than a trade show. For example, you can host demonstrations to let your visitors try out your products first-hand, and live demos will attract more people to your display. You could also give out free samples and leaflets, including product display shelves and informative graphics to fully make the most of your exhibition stand and promote engaging new products and offers.

6) It can spread your message further

Face to face marketing is one of the most powerful and effective tools available and it will never become outdated. It can build confidence and trust between you and potential customers and offers significant benefits to your business. Trade shows and events can help you expand your customer base and even gain international exposure. You can take your company and message of your brand to as many locations as you want. Modular and pop-up exhibition stands can be easily transported and used multiple times, so you can deliver an impressive, high-quality stand at every event you attend.

Contact Showplace today for all your exhibition stand needs. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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