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Jason Hope: How IoT Will Change The Education Sector

Every other day we hear about some new emerging technology that’s changing the face of the Earth. Most importantly, nowadays, IoT and machine learning are on the rise. If you look around, you’ll already see the industries changing due to these technologies. Not just the industries, in fact, IoT is even changing our personal lives, and it’s adding more ease and convenience to our daily routine chores. Today we are specifically going to talk about what Jason Hope, the futurology guru thinks about IoT’s impact on the education sector. For starters, we all know the fact that the internet has deeply rooted itself in our education systems. One of the best examples here is that of e-learning, a practice that has already become a huge part of our schools, colleges, and universities.

How Is IoT Changing Things For Our Education Sector?

Jason Hope’s stance on IoT and its impact on our education sector are quite clear. He states that these technologies, when incorporated properly, can literally change everything for us. If you look around, you’ll already see it happening. For example, nowadays, there are institutes using IoT technology to improve the security of their campuses, enhance access to information, and track key resources.

When it comes to the best part of IoT in education, it’s that this technology is helping with cost reduction and it’s improving accessibility. The learning process has become way easier for students than it ever was. Teachers can now easily manage their classrooms and opt for versatile teaching methods using IoT. Moreover, in today’s age, where crime is on the rise, it’s important for education institutes to tighten up their security. This is again where IoT comes in handy. With the technology of the internet of things, institutes can now control and track any unauthorized access to their buildings. This can boost the security of the students, teachers, and the staff to a whole other level.

Jason Hope further thinks that it’s better for teachers now as they can focus more on improving the quality of education instead of spending a huge amount of time in taking attendance or generating class reports. All of these tasks can now be automated using IoT technology. Jason suggests that the more education institutes will incorporate this technology, the easier things will get for them. In other words, the learning curve will become smoother than ever mainly because students will be able to join one on one meetings and they can even have access to class recordings in case they miss any. What’s even better is that with IoT the language barrier for many students will be removed.

Jason Hope’s Classroom 2.0-The Future of Education

Jason Hope believes that in the future, classrooms will be more about personalized and self-paced learning. Based on individuals’ interests, all the students will have the option to pick their own learning objectives and pace. And of course, as expected, all of this will be guided by artificial intelligence, video learning, and chatbots. This is what the future holds for the education sector and the students most importantly!

IoT Adjusting Disability

A few years back, it was difficult for disabled people to join classrooms like other abled students or to learn and reflect on new things. However, with technologies like IoT, it has all become possible and disability is no longer a problem for someone to learn, read, educate and try new things. For example, a huge population of the world with a hearing disability can now use connected gloves to generate speech on a special tablet that translates sign language. Moreover, these tablets can convert sound into a written language which is one of the things we never even imagined about. In a nutshell, there are several IoT devices that are helping disabled children in the education sector, and in the future, we are expecting more such devices and systems that can assist all disabled people in a better and more convenient way.

Jason Hope smartboard


Smart Boards

Smartboards are now slowly replacing blackboards and it makes sense because, with smart boards, education becomes way easier than it ever was. Teachers and students both can interact with these smartboards, use images on them and even illustrations to improve the quality of education. Most importantly, with smart boards, teachers can now take a sigh of relief and it really cuts down most of the parts where they have to put in a lot of effort. Ingo graphics, tutorial videos, and even complex formulas, with these smart boards, the teachers can solve anything for any subject in a shorter time frame.

connected online learning

Jason Hope: Is There More To Expect From IoT?

Jason, being one of the most popular futurologists, says that IoT is and will continue to change the education sector in ways that we can never even think of. This is what technology is about! It’s magic and it can help us overcome several challenges in the blink of an eye.

According to Jason, the education sector is evolving at a rapid pace mainly because of technologies like IoT, AI, and machine learning. There’s a lot more that’s going to happen in the upcoming years and we should be prepared for it before time. For now, all we can do is sit back and relax, enjoy the changes and our smart education systems and wait for more things to come and ease the struggles and hurdles of our education sector.

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