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Krishen Iyer and Boosting Email Marketing Conversions Through Testing

Carlsbad, CA-based entrepreneur Krishen Iyer is a thought leader when it comes to business and marketing strategies. One of his primary areas of focus in running MAIS Consulting is making sure businesses are able to achieve the success they need and deserve. Companies that are focused on reaching their intended audiences often perform better in this area than those that don’t have a similar focus, and Iyer can move those companies forward by working with them to boost email marketing conversions.

Marketing With Purpose is Vital, Says Krishen Iyer

Most marketers today have email programs that push advertisements and information out to people who have subscribed. These emails are also often targeted to those who have purchased similar items, signed up for something related to the company’s product or service, or otherwise indicated a level of interest. But are these marketers really marketing with the kind of purpose they should have? Before answering that question, they should be testing the emails they have and seeing whether they boost conversions.

Many of the marketers of today are not fully invested in what they should be doing to move their brand or company forward, believe my thought leaders in the industry. Krishen Iyer agrees that most marketers don’t test their emails and the ones that do often aren’t sure why they’re really doing the testing at all. They lack the level of passion they need for success. But Krishen Iyer knows there is much more to the issue than just random testing and hope. Passion, study, and determination are all important, too.

The Proof is in the Testing

Doing the same things over and over will yield the same results, but many marketers simply continue to follow through with what worked for them in the past. Unfortunately, that’s not a recipe for success. Audience demands and requirements change, notes Krishen Iyer, and when marketers don’t change with them, it can quickly become a recipe for problems and issues that may slow the success of any business. Fortunately, email testing can help to increase marketing conversions, when it’s done the right way.

Email is completely customer-centric, and Krishen Iyer understands the value of that level of focus. As an entrepreneur and consultant for businesses big and small, he helps empower companies to do more with what they have available to them. By building up and rebranding multiple companies, Iyer and his team at MAIS Consulting mentor their clients and work with them to achieve their desired outcomes. Marketing those companies is a big part of that, and without passion, that marketing falls flat.

However, testing emails and finding what works for marketing can make a significant difference in the success of the company and the value it adds to its customers. Strategic growth is one of the goals of nearly any company, and when there is a strong focus on that growth from the right angle, it’s difficult not to succeed. Testing emails is a large part of that since it becomes much more difficult to grow without an understanding of what is truly working and where the company is facing struggles and concerns.

Krishen Iyer Suggests Moving Beyond an Individual Campaign

The more that marketers test things like email campaigns, the more they can determine whether that campaign is a successful one. But Krishen Iyer also suggests that marketers need to move beyond individual campaigns. Testing teaches marketers what works for a campaign, but also what works for a segment of their email market. That gives them additional insight, and they can now use other, similar types of email campaigns for that same market segment.

Not all marketers think about doing that, and that inability to look to the big picture is often what holds them back. Krishen Iyer is a big picture kind of person and uses his knowledge to move MAIS Consulting to the forefront of its industry. He teaches companies that consult with him to do the same, so they can start advancing their goals more directly. When email testing is involved, and marketers use the information they collect to expand into additional campaigns, there’s much to be learned from the experience.

The insights gained can be added to email programs that are more extensive, with permanent streams where the content will change but the basic tenets and structure won’t. A winning result won’t come with just one email that saw success, but with a stream that’s consistently seeing success. The losing result can be replaced with something else, and the winning result can be kept on because it provides a degree of success that’s worthwhile.

Krishen Iyer sees not only the value of email testing to boost marketing conversions but the value of providing that kind of evaluative effort to other areas of the company, as well. Over time, that means that strategies that win continue to be used, and strategies that are less successful are dropped. The result is that the company continues to work its way toward better growth, higher quality, more success, and an increased level of value for its clients, all of which Iyer and MAIS Consulting can offer.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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