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Adrian Fox Bahamas Helping Citizens Of The Bahamas During Covid-19

Dr. Adrian Fox, the initiator of Island Luck, is a resident of the Bahamas whose priority is to serve his people whenever he can. His achievements as a business tycoon have injected a feeling of social concern and humanity into him. His love for his countrymen compels him to give power to the underserved.

Dr. Adrian Fox was born on January 12, 1969. He got his basic schooling and Secondary-level education done from the best educational institute of Bahamas named St. Bedes Primary School and then from Donald W. Davis Middle School. He wrapped up his studies at R. M. Baily High School.

The springtime of life-his teenage years passed by working persistently in the restaurant industry. Dr. Adrian Fox had to work for long hours at Captain Nemo’s, the Cafe Martinique, and 5 Twins within the Atlantis Resort. Soon after it, he started thinking big and decided to start his own business. He was so passionate that he took his start from a hair salon, a newspaper stand, and a phone card business and continued working in the service industry. That was not the limit of his dreams; therefore, in the next step, he managed to open and expand even more businesses, like Foxies Restaurant and Bar, Foxies Liquor, and a clothing line beautifully named the Obsession Designs.

When he felt satisfied with the success of his previous businesses, he took it as a motivation and never looked back. He created the Island Luck, which gained so much popularity within no time and soon became the top Casino and Sports Book Lounge for 24/7 gaming and lottery services. Nothing could stop him from keep moving forward, so he tried his luck at real estate, initiating Brickell Real Estate. He also granted his skills to ILTV and the Tresor Rare Parfumerie.

Then he thought of nourishing his feeling of philanthropy and created Fox Foundation by taking advantage of his entrepreneurial spirit. The people of the Bahamas frequently have to deal with difficult situations in various disasters, like excessive flooding and hurricanes. As a native of the Bahamas, Dr. Adrian Fox understood this situation and launched this foundation. He also gave relief to the people of St. Vincent during the time of environmental disaster.

While sharing his experience regarding this ecological disaster, he said in The Jerusalem Post, “As I have direct experience of surviving multiple natural disasters like flooding and hurricanes . . . I can understand the problems of the people of St. Vincent.” In 2019, Dr. Fox entitled Fox Foundation workers to commandeer civilian vessels to help needy people all over the country. The main purpose of these private vessels was to help the civilians to shift from the Abaco area. Moreover, members of the Fox Foundation carried and delivered water, basic food items, and electricity generators to the victims of ecological disasters in St. Vincent. In addition, the Fox Foundation took the next step and created a GoFundMe account particularly aimed to get attention and explore donors from the whole world to help the people of St. Vincent.

His services for the Bahamas people did not end here, and Dr Adrian Fox also helped the Bahamas people during the first destructive wave of COVID-19. He was very anxious because the economy of the Bahamas mainly relies on tourism to exist. And the economy gets worsen due to the bad impact of the travel ban during COVID-19. He thinks that he and his countrymen should not wait for the tourists to visit and help them. Rather, he is working very hard to get aid from the European Union and others.

When it comes to education, Dr. Adrian Fox wants to upgrade the education system not only in his beloved Bahamas but all over the Caribbean. Moreover, he wants to see maximum growth in the economy of the Bahamas. Without this, Dr. Fox thinks locations like the beautiful Caribbean may see an economic decline that badly affects the country. He said, ” If we have power and love for our country and its individuals, it is our first and foremost responsibility to think for the solutions to local problems. That’s because our country is one of those countries where the employment highly relies on just tourism.”

The Centre for Disaster Philanthropy has revealed that wealthy and altruistic individuals donated billions during the COVID-19. The Fox Foundation and other local organizations diligently provide natural disasters relief and improve the education system. He also set up training sessions for youth to boost the economy because these young individuals get jobs in many areas, not only tourism.

Dr. Fox also did not leave the people alone during the worst Hurricane Dorian, which hit the Caribbean one year before the corona pandemic. It was the most destructive hurricane in the history of the Caribbean in which the island faced damage of billions of dollars. No doubt, the IMF had donated grant packages, but this was not enough for the people of the Caribbean to rebuild their destroyed properties.

In October 2020, the IMF surprisingly cut growth predictions in the Caribbean; this was when the Fox Foundation and other social workers helped the Bahamian people and gave relief to the entire Caribbean. Because it takes time for tourism to go back to its previous level and boost the economy, many philanthropists, including Dr. Adrian Fox, continue to support the people of the Bahamas whenever and wherever they can.

Dr. Fox and many other humanitarians are not waiting for donations from others to give quick relief to people. Instead, Dr. Fox encourages setting up an upgraded educational system that will mainly train the youth of the Caribbean. He always says that a resilient educational system all over the Bahamas and the Caribbean will increase productivity, ensure technological advancement and creativity, and encourage entrepreneurship in his dearest Bahamas. That’s why the fox Foundation is bringing a revolution in the Bahamas with its untiring efforts in the educational sector.

Now, it’s almost 6 years of The Fox Foundation working to help humanity. Within a short time, the Foundation has succeeded in bringing in nearly five million dollars in donations. Dr. Fox makes use of these funds in the best possible ways. In the first place, he prepares an enthusiastic youth team who can use their skills for various purposes and not only for the tourist industry. The second goal of the Fox foundation is to provide quality education to the native of the Bahamas. He is an active supporter of necessary education for everyone in the Caribbean because he believes that the only way to boost the economy of the Bahamas is education.

The third and most important motive of the Fox Foundation is community building. Through funds, it aids in rebuilding the destroyed areas by cruel disasters. In addition, the Fox Foundation encourages personal growth, telling people to co-operate with each other to make the place acceptable for all residents. The fourth goal of the Fox Foundation is to provide medical assistance. For this purpose, it works to highlight medical problems. Dr. Adrian Fox believes that a healthy community can work better and enjoy a good life; therefore, he wishes to see healthy people in the Bahamas.

IMF has revealed that almost 10-40% of people working in the Caribbean shift somewhere else to find any other work. This is known as “brain drain,” and it has the worst effects on the economy of the Caribbean. To stop the migration of fellow citizens from the Caribbean, the Fox Foundation members help people learn multiple skills and promote quality academic education. So that the Bahamas will become a country where people wish to come and live to work, this can only be possible if the people of the Bahamas are provided with the opportunities to learn skills and then better jobs so that they don’t need to leave the Caribbean for any other well-developed country to work.

Dr. Adrian Fox thinks that patriotic people from the whole country, if they work together, can bring a huge difference in the educational sector and make the education “wider and more impactful.” Therefore, he wants the support of the government to rebuild the amazing Caribbean and a powerful economy for the region. Dr. Fox understands that this is a challenging time for the Bahamian people.

Dr. Fox hopes for a prosperous and well-developed Bahamas, but a lot of work is required to get the most from the natural deposits of the islands. A study has shown that The Bahamas can generate the maximum amount of renewable energy in its area. Nearshore wind can provide a large amount of renewable energy that could help the island keep its economy stable following the damage caused by Hurricane Dorian and the restriction on tourism. Pump storage water energy can become the hope for the Bahamas to become a big exporter of energy worldwide. Moreover, this could boost the agricultural sector as it could become a source of freshwater for cultivation and domestic use all over the Islands. Another great source of renewable energy is liquefied natural gas. It can operate ships that come in and travel out of the Bahamas all the year.

Dr. Fox is a patriotic, philanthropist, native Bahamian who dreams of seeing his beloved country grow and flourish. He wishes to see the children of his homeland properly educated and able to find work successfully. When it comes to his own future goals, he promises to always work honestly for his people and their welfare. After all, his journey is an example that quality education and hard work can help us reach our destination.

Adrian Fox Bahamas
Adrian Fox Bahamas
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