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Discord: The Rising Chat App; What You Should Know

Discord is the latest, and one of the most popular, chat applications. It has been used by gamers for years but has recently gained traction among other groups such as crypto enthusiasts and streams. With a growing user base and mobile device compatibility, it’s no wonder that Discord attracts attention from all sorts of people. But what exactly should you know about this application? That’s what we want to talk about in this blog post!

So, what is Discord?

Discord is an online chat app. It has been around for a few years now but started to gain traction among gamers in 2016 when it was introduced by Hammer & Chisel Inc. For the most part, Discord provides users with free text and voice channels that they can use to communicate with others on their server or servers of other individuals/groups. Initially, this service focused on online gaming communities who were looking for better ways to connect while playing video games together over Steam. However, because of its ease-of-use interface and compatibility across multiple devices, Discord has grown to nearly 200 million users and is now a viable alternative for other means of online communication.

The Role Of Discord Servers

Discord servers are the backbone of this chat app, and there are servers for everything; from dating to anime. These servers typically require an invitation to join and often have different levels/qualifications determined by each server’s owner(s) who can also adjust their settings based on what they would like for others in that Discord community to be able to do within them (e.g., voice chats, text-based messaging, etc.). Some even offer bots that enable extra functionality such as music streaming or customized commands for moderation purposes; these features make it easier for users new and old alike to get involved with Discord without having prior knowledge about its inner workings at first glance.

How To Grow Your Own Discord Community

The most important part of starting a community is to be clear on what you want out of it; do you just want fun and casual conversations between friends or would you like more serious discussions with people who share the same interests? Would there be any rules in place for how members interact, or would everyone’s voice chat participation (if they choose to utilize them) be limited based on their activity levels within your Discord server? These are all questions that should ideally get answered before making an official announcement about creating one.

Once this has been decided upon, create channels dedicated to each topic/event so that no confusion will arise when trying to navigate through different things while using Discord without having prior knowledge of its layout beforehand. After becoming familiar with how Discord works, you can slowly start adding members to your server.

Still, it can be hard to get people to join your server if you’re just starting out from scratch. That’s why Famemass recommends that you buy some fake Discord members to boost your server’s social proof from social media service providers. This will help attract new members to your server.

What About Discord Bots?

The addition of Discord bots can be a great way to add features and functionality that would otherwise not exist in the chat app. Most bots, however, require a role to be assigned so that the bot can function properly. You’ll need to assign at least one or more roles if you want your Discord users and members to enjoy and use them effectively.

This provides an excellent way for server owners to engage their community better by adding content such as polls and trivia games directly into the chat room – all without leaving it!

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