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Buying top totes and bags: 2021 must haves

Everybody knows that totes and bags are a must in women’s outfits. Designers of Haute Couture create new collections, defining trends. Fashion lovers who follow launches of remarkable and recognized brands are going to find interesting information about new arrivals for this season.

Recently launched Fall-Winter season 2021-2022, luxury brands showed that despite coronavirus fashion industry never stopped. With all the carefulness needed due to sanitary context, the last fashion week was a virtual presentation, that is prescribing tendencies.

As long as societies changes, outfits tendencies do. That’s why designers and the fashion industry gave to the people the happiness and enjoyment of coming back, offering renewal, changes, and style. Now is the time to open again your closet and go out to the world looking good, by wearing the best clothes and accessories options.

About this Valentino Garavani Fall-Winter collection

Valentino Garavani’s new women’s totes bags are a revelation – chic, stylish and a must have, while maintaining the typically sophisticated style of this Maison.  

Valentino Garavani Rockstud Alcove collection is inspired to discover and explore a sensual mood. Biochromatic purses that match the perfect colors with the appeal of the shiny metallic logo of this brand, create a different way of using designer women’s purses.

The collection includes classic colors like white, black, and red, even animal print with different gold shiny patterns, using clutches, baguettes, leather, and boxes purses models. Without being far from their classic women handbags, the new arrivals show a mixture of traditional and contemporary styles, offering a unique fashion statement.  

Must haves and ways to use them

The new fall-winter 2021-22 season defines tendencies about must haves. As a matter of bags, classic models like leather and its version of the box are a must, also clutches and baguettes. A good way to use them is to match a neutral-color outfit with a different color bag because all your outfit and especially your purse are going to highlight. This recommendation applies to clothes with any kind of print.

Another suggestion is matching your bag with the shoes, which will focus the attention on the details of the Rockstud Alcove collection from Valentino Garavani, which includes sophisticated stilettos. According to your choice try to choose the same or similar colors in your outfit. 

If you wear a street style outfit a good match is a leather bag or a baguette purse. Don’t forget about tones, prints, and shoes. It is common to wear shirts or skirts with print in a casual outfit, and sneakers, this is a style for daily comfort. Try to choose a bag with a different color from the rest clothes and accessories, that will make your routine outfit chic.

Classic style is more often used in professional contexts. Here is accurate to use classic or box leather bag because those models are going to be practice and sophisticated. Try to match the color handbag with the tones of your outfit. This advice works with the new season purses and others from the last collections of this luxury brand because their products are always full of elegance and class.

On special occasions or events that require a high dress code, clutches are always the best option because you won’t need to carry with them and in those events the clutches size enough to bring the stuff you will need like makeup, mobile, and wallet. You can dress using just one color or wear different colors from your bag, in both cases the tote is going to be noticed and you are going to be one of the best dressed there.   

Are last collections old fashioned?

No. A recent fashion trend is about using in different occasions the same accessories, giving them vitality and renewal.  Accessories like bags are never old-fashioned because this accessory is a must in all outfits: casual, classic, luxury, each one needs the perfect match with the appropriate bag. Your collection of purses, totes, and bags are necessary and always fresh to look stylish, just give them a chance and try to explore different ways to wear them.

It seems weird to use designer purses daily but is possible. New fashion statements are demonstrating that the important matter is to look stylish on each occasion.   

Valentino Garavani bags are by themselves modern, useful, and chic. Don’t forget to include in your wardrobe shoulder bags, top handle bags, totes, mini-bags, and clutches because if you have more options you are going to be able to make the best outfit choices; classy, trendy, and stylish.

Also, don’t lose the opportunity to enjoy the new Alcove collection: it’s the best decision for being fashionable this season!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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