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FxPro Minimum Deposit: Key Facts

A minimum deposit limit is one of the key choice factors for most traders, especially beginners. Forex market is far more accessible than, for example, trading in securities. Still, that also depends on the brokerage company chosen. Some of them prefer working with professional traders with substantial budgets only, but there are also services that allow starting from quite affordable deposits.

Today, we would like to tell you about the terms of use offered by one of the most trusted brokers on the market ― FxPro. According to the rules, the FxPro minimum deposit limit is $100 ― a sum affordable to everyone. This is great news for beginners. However, one must also note that the company recommends its users to start from a deposit of $1000. The point is that many traders seek quick and big profits. So, when they have a limited budget, that pushes them to take risky steps and search for higher leverages. Obviously, that is not the best strategy for inexperienced users. On the other hand, when a trader has a significant sum at his disposal, he can earn from sales volumes without excessive risk.

If you compare the terms offered by the company mentioned to its competitors, one can say that an initial deposit limit of $100 is rather common. It is a comfortable requirement for most traders. However, there are also brokers that demand their potential clients to make bigger payments or allow them to start from smaller investments.

Now, let us discuss depositing terms at FxPro. This broker supports a full range of payment methods: bank transactions, debit and credit card payments, transfers via popular banking apps and online wallets. As for fees, all the deposits are free of charge. They are accepted in the most widely-used currencies and processed within about 10 minutes in case one uses an online wallet or a card. For local bank payments, that term is one business day. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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