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How to Find the Games that Pay the Most Money

It is not difficult to find generous slots knowing a simple set of rules that must be applied while selecting a slots UK game. To crack open a slot code, you must follow predefined selection criteria. So, you have a clear idea of what to look for and where to look for. To identify the machines that pay the most, you need to examine the four most important aspects mentioned below thoroughly. Of course, it will take time though it is impossible to break a big win without preparation. 

The Slot Provider

If you want to play and win, then it is essential to choose licensed games from top slot providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Elk Studios, and BetSoft. Machines from these providers are thoroughly tested and certified and can only be found in licensed and authentic online casinos. Therefore, finding the right place and slot machine is essential before trying it and playing for real money.

Unlicensed machines are not tested for RNG, and they can be tweaked to produce predefined results. This means that the casino operator can independently regulate the random generator of such games, and the slot machine that was paying hundreds of seconds ago might suddenly start eating up your bankroll.

The RTPs

Each slot has a parameter that we call the return percentage or RTP. It’s a value that defines the profitability of a slot machine. You can specify this parameter either by yourself (a pretty long process) or see the table of RTP provided by the slot producer.

Each slot machine has its percentage of recoil. There are slots where the return percentage is more than 90%, there are slot machines where the return percentage is more than 95%, and in some, it even reaches 98%. For example, if the slot has a return percentage of 95%, the casino owner will receive 5% of all the money lost by the users, 95% will go to win other people. The higher this parameter in the game, the higher the return percentage and thus higher the profitability.

Volatility and Variance

Variance, or Volatility, are closely related concepts and tell us about the likelihood of how the slot will pay out money. As you can imagine, the Variance and Volatility are very similar as they both tell us about how often the slot will trigger a payout. However, Variance tells us the payout frequency in terms of total bets made, while Volatility is the winning frequency in terms of time or spins. In simple words, Variance is the risk factor, meaning that how much money one should risk triggering a payout. In comparison, Volatility is the value of time consumption, meaning for how long should one play a slot to produce a payout. A highly volatile slot will produce payouts faster, but the size of those payouts will be smaller than that of a low volatility slot that will produce payouts at a slow rate. 

Hit Rate

Another term that is often used in the context of the payback of slot machines is the Win Rate or Hit Rate. Winning frequency has a very similar meaning to slot variance, as it shows how often you can expect a winning score in a slot machine. In other words, the hit frequency is the probability (in percentage) that the slot machine will give you a win on any number of the spins you make. It is important to note that, unlike Volatility, the Hit Rate does not tell you anything about how big the winnings will be but only about how often they will come.

Ending Thoughts on Finding a Profitable Slot

Finding a profitable slot isn’t that hard if you know what to look for. An optimum slot will have an RTP percentage of 97% or above and medium Volatility and high Variance. Meaning that you’ll have the probability of scoring big wins due to the high Variance and lower Volatility, and of course, the higher RTP will guarantee that you get the best value for your money.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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