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What Are the Best Crypto Telegram Groups?

When one wants to earn from trading crypto, fiat currency, or other assets, one must be ready to spend a bigger part of a day on analyzing the market situation and self-education. That is why experienced traders do not miss any offered insights into advantageous trading opportunities. And one of the most popular sources of such prompts is specialized Telegram channels.

As of now, there are dozens of thematic groups for traders on Telegram. Obviously, if you decide to have at least a quick look at all of them, that will take a few days. Thus, we have checked and evaluated them for you. As a result, we have created a top list of the communities and channels that are worth turning to in the first place.

In general, one can single out two directions of crypto Telegram groups ― trading signals and education.

Let us name the leaders among crypto signal providers:

·   AltSignals;

·   Crypto Signals;

·   Coin Signals;

·   Margin Whales;

·   Whaletank Crypto;

·   Wallstreet Queen Official;

·   Learn 2 Trade Crypto;

·   Fat Pig Signals.

Most of these channels either are fully paid or offer two variants of subscriptions: paid and free. However, Wallstreet Queen Official is an exception. It offers 1–2 signals per day absolutely free of charge while its success rate is 96%. In fact, it is more reliable than a bigger part of paid channels available on the market.

Another service we would like to mention as a separate point is Whaletank Crypto. If you choose a free subscription, you will get access to 3–4 highly accurate recommendations per week, which is not bad. And the VIP version will provide you with about 3 signals per day with an accuracy of around 92%. Besides, there is a passive trading tool for an extra fee. As for its rates, they are pretty affordable.

Besides, we would like to recommend the two groups that do not offer any signals but will certainly draw your interest. The first one is CoinGape News ― a source of the most important news related to crypto trading. And the second one is ICO Speaks ― a community of traders that share and discuss essential events in the crypto sphere. Also, it is a platform, where you can ask a question related to coins and get answers from more experienced colleagues.

To sum up, subscribing to a crypto channel on Telegram is always a good idea. Yet, to be on the safe side, before putting recommendations received into action and risking your money, you had better take a pause and watch how accurate a provider chosen is.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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