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What is the average Social Media Marketing Cost in the UK?

Social Media Marketing has become one of the most popular marketing platforms in the world. With the number of social media users crossing 4.48 billion in 2021, the importance of social media in marketing cannot be underestimated. 

While anyone can easily use social media to market their brands, technical expertise is crucial to help you achieve the best results. It is against this backdrop that the cost of social media marketing has more than doubled over the years. 

So what’s the average cost of social media marketing in the UK? In a report conducted by content factory, an average company in the UK spends between $ 200 and $350 per day on social media marketing.

In this article, we highlight the average cost of social media marketing in the UK.

#1.Comprehensive Cost

Depending on the firm you are likely to hire, the comprehensive cost for your entire social media platforms may cost you between £ 700- £ 2000. While the cost may vary from one platform to another, you are likely to incur a higher cost should you have a bigger audience. This is because advertising costs of reaching a wider audience is slightly higher compared to targeting a small population.

 Depending on your needs and how far you intend to delve into the world of social media, various experts and firms come with different packages that suit the needs of every client. As such, it is advisable to carry out research to identify a social media marketing company that suits your needs.

#2.The use of freelancers

It is common knowledge that the advent of Covid 19 has pushed many companies to the brink of collapse. Just like any other nations around the world, the effect of the pandemic rattled many businesses with many forced to lay off some staff in a bid to cut down the cost of operation. In that regard, the use of freelancers has become a perfect option not only in the UK but across the World. 

While there are hundreds of freelance sites where entrepreneurs can hire social media marketers at low cost, identifying credible and highly qualified social media experts remains a challenge. Protracted refund disputes and incompetent professionals with questionable credentials are some of the setbacks that most employers have to contend with when sourcing for employees.

The bottom line is that freelance sites come with a rating system that makes it easy to identify the most qualified expert for your task. All you need is to decide on whether you want to hire a social media marketing professional on an hourly or fixed-term basis. 

Other factors that may determine how much you can pay a freelancer include the level of expertise, qualifications, and the duration at which the project may take. Alternatively, you can choose to work with a registered company operating on freelance platforms. This also makes it easy for you to collaborate with highly skilled professionals. Unlike the high cost of hiring full-time employees that come with benefits and huge perks, working with freelancers is cost-effective. 

On average, hiring social media freelancers on various freelance platforms may cost you as little as $200 per month. This will also be determined by whether you want to hire an expert or intermediate professionals. If you are just starting with our start-up in the UK, working with freelancers may be a perfect decision.

The unique aspect about working with freelancers compared to full-time staff is that you only need to pay them an agreed amount. This saves you the cost of a huge wage bill that may take a toll on your company finances. In other words, working with freelancers offers great flexibility since you only hire them when you need them or in case you have a demanding task that needs to be accomplished.

If you are wondering how many people are earning a living through freelancing, you should note that freelancers now account for nearly half of the 4.4 million self-employed workers in the UK. Therefore if you are planning to hire a social media marketing freelancer, in the UK, then it’s high time you consider that option.

#3.Virtual assistants

The advent of virtual assistants is another perfect way of boosting your social media marketing strategy. With many virtual assistant companies available on the online marketplace, you can easily delegate social media marketing duties to an expert VA.

 Whether you intend to hire a VA from the UK or any other part of the world, the cost of outsourcing social media marketing services is slightly lower compared to hiring full-time staff. 

Whether individual or company, you can easily hire an expert social media marketer to help you manage your social media platforms. All you need is to take your time to identify a credible VA platform or source from various online platforms. 

Depending on the size and complexity of the role, you should always hire highly skilled and qualified professionals to avoid falling into the trap of incompetent individuals. This may not only ruin your reputation but may greatly compromise the credibility of your brand.

# 4.  Social Media Automation Tools

Social media automation tools have become a great way of optimizing social media campaigns. While you can choose free social media automation tools, paid versions come with advanced features that make it easy to automate your social media. Depending on how you plan to manage your social media marketing campaigns, the importance of automation tools can not be underscored. 

Whether you are a startup working under a limited budget or just starting up with your social media marketing, automation is a perfect way of maximizing your marketing efforts. With as little as $30, you can subscribe to a monthly package from various online platforms. This will enable you to reach out to a wider audience and achieve growth.

#5.Use of Interns

The use of interns is a perfect way of hiring expert social media marketers at a low cost. While many entrepreneurs would prefer hiring experienced professionals, students from institutions of higher learning come with fresh ideas that can help align your social media marketing campaigns with the current market needs and trends. Besides hiring interns in the UK, you can choose to hire from any part of the world to help revamp your social networks.

 Ranging from Diploma,  Degree to master’s students, these young professionals come with fresh ideas that every entrepreneur needs to improve their social media marketing strategy. 

According to the UK labor laws, interns are entitled to a national, minimum wage that stands at £ 7.70 per hour for students who have attained 21-24 years of age. Similarly, students above 25 years are entitled to a minimum wage of £ 8.21 per hour. Alternatively, you can choose to hire from other regions if you are working under a limited budget.


The cost of social media marketing is poised to surge over the years. This is attributed to a sharp increase in demand for social media marketing experts. Therefore, if you are in the UK and working under a limited budget, this article offers varied options that you can use to revamp your social media marketing strategy.

 In addition to saving on marketing costs, you can easily hire from any part of the world to boost your marketing efforts.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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