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How Sticker Printing Benefits U.K. Businesses

When it comes to marketing, one of the main factors you need to focus on is marketing. If you cannot market your business in the proper channels, you will not have many customers. 

Today, digital marketing has become the common strategy of many business owners, especially in the U.K., where everything is becoming digital. But, traditional methods of marketing can still work. Like, the humble stickers. 

Many companies tend to undervalue stickers as a cheap form of marketing. But if you hire professional sticker makers, you’ll be surprised at how much they can help your business.

Ways Stickers Help Your Business 

Because of modern technology, stickers can be made in different shapes and sizes and, below are some of the ways you can utilize them for your business.

Providing Information

Stickers are a great tool in providing information. As you may have noticed, stickers are colorful, so they are a swell way to catch your consumer’s attention. That is why if you want people to know what is so special about your product or service, sticking a sticker on it should do the trick.

For example, you can put a sticker that says 100% organic on your product. Or if you discounted the price for a certain product, you can put like 10% or 15% stickers on it. Customers will surely be enticed to buy once they see the informative sticker on your products.

Brand Representation                                                                                              

If you want to create something so unique and bold that it will surely catch anyone’s attention, stickers are one of the things you can let creativity flow. Use them to create a message that can represent your brand. You can also get creative on where you put them.

For example, if you want your sticker in a brochure, you can stick them on top of a page or in between pages so it can catch the reader’s attention as they read.

But, remember, don’t get too overly creative with your stickers. You need to ensure that whatever it is you are creating represents your brand. You can ask professional sticker makers to ensure that your design fits your brand.

Portable and Easy to Spread

If you are a mobile business owner and constantly at exhibitions and trade shows, stickers can be a good form of literature to take in these events. You can use them as a business card or as a flyer to spread information to people about said events.

And since stickers are cheap, you will not be spending too much on your budget every time you go to another event.

Cheap Marketing

As was said, stickers are cheap to make. Marketing your business can be expensive and, if you are still starting, you need to ensure that every decision you make counts. And since stickers are a cheap way for you to promote your business, investing in them is a good way to get more customers without spending too much money.

Has Long Term Value

If you have created a sticker that truly represents your brand, you will be able to use it for a long time. For example, if you are planning to have another ad campaign in the future, you can use the stickers you have printed before to help in spreading the message. That is why  it is not a bad idea to print large quantities of stickers for future use.

Call to Action

Another way to get the most of your stickers is to use them as a call to action for your business. For example, you can print voucher codes or promotional offers on them in brochures, pamphlets, or flyers so you can trigger a reaction from your consumers.

You can also print limited offers on them to get your customers to come up to your business to ask for further information.


Stickers are one of the most versatile tools you can use in business. They can come in different shapes and sizes which, can be used as a product label or a promotional item. Plus, because they are cheap, it’s possible to use them every time. But if you don’t know how to utilize them for your business, the methods above should help.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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