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6 Video Editing Tips for Better Social Media Content

Video content for social media is quickly becoming a great resource for creating your community and conveying your brand’s narrative. There’s never been a better moment to start making high-quality social media videos than now, with a growing array of video features on various platforms. Discover our top 6 video tactics for increasing engagement and conversions


Before we get into details about tips that can help you in making social media videos, here is the highlight for brands and businesses to remember.

  • High-definition footage
  • Begin with a powerful hook.
  • A consistent flow of content
  • On the video, show your face
  • Text or subtitles for added advantage

Let’s discuss more…

5 Tips for Increasing Engagement on Social Media Videos

Grow with square videos 

You want people to be able to see your video in the best possible quality on their phones. You may take and share square or even vertical movies to make use of different screen sizes. That’s true, landscape isn’t the sole desirable viewpoint any longer.

Videos that are square-oriented do well on almost all social media platforms, especially when viewed on mobile devices. Take advantage of your phone’s built-in square camera. You won’t have to worry about cropping critical sections of your frame while shooting square video footage. Do you have a standard-sized video that you’d want to resize? To crop any film into a perfect square, use a free resizing app.

If you’re a brand or business trying to make an impact with video marketing but don’t know where to start, we recommend taking an expert’s help. To help you curate branded content for your different social media channels, choose from a wide range of stock video clips. Apply voice-overs and captions to give your films a clean, professional appearance.

Start with words that can hook the audience 

Do you know, the start of your video can make it popular or leave it in the back? If your video doesn’t catch the interest of your viewers, they will scroll to the next. The only way to grab attention is a compelling hook.

A strong hook gives life to your video. Start with an alluring question or anything that touches the pain point of the people or maybe an announcement for giveaway or freebies.

Use the power of visuals

You can score a short film directly from your phone thanks to advances in mobile video editing, but it’s more likely that people will watch your movie without sound. Enhance your video’s graphics instead of depending on the sound. Take the help of a good online video editor and enhance your video.

Filters can be used to set the tone and ambiance. The text should be used instead of voiceovers. Put your video on silent while it’s being edited to simulate the conditions under which your mobile video will be viewed.

By focusing more on the graphics, you may enhance the chances that your film will be watched all the way through. Every clip should be intriguing and eye-catching, even if your audience will just stop and watch or scroll away for a fraction of a second. You’d be amazed how simple techniques combined with a little imagination may result in a viral video.

Show your face in your video

People love to interact with people. So, when you are making videos for social platforms, make sure that you appear in your video to share your presence. This is a growing media hack for videos.

This helps to build trust among your audience and also encourages engagement through likes, shares, and comments. 

Video optimization based on the choice of social platform

The duration of your video is determined by where you plan to post it. According to Hubspot, there are a few guidelines for how lengthy clips should be based on the platform:

30 seconds on Instagram. While images may be up to one minute long, Instagram is primarily a visual medium where users are accustomed to moving fast to the next image. Users also anticipate the visual quality of Instagram videos to be similar to that of photographs.

45 seconds on Twitter. Tweets are designed to be concise, and Twitter users want videos to be equally brief.

1 minute on Facebook. In this social media platform, short but entertaining videos will receive the most views, likes, and engagement.

2 minutes or more on YouTube. On YouTube, viewers are used to seeing longer episodes. You may make a short and amusing vlog or a 30-minute documentary. As long as the content is meaningful, your video will rock.

Experiment with fun

There are no hard and fast rules for making amusing and engaging video material–just look at TikTok for an example of a wide range of interesting content. You should strive for eye-catching graphics that hold an audience’s attention. Playing around with the available design elements and transitions in your video editor is one method to achieve this.

You could also be able to integrate some comedy with the inclusion of a visual sticker or sound element. When you express your personality and infuse an honest dose of creativity into your videos, you may use special effects, texts, transitions, and other features to produce a video product that adds a fun factor and keeps the audience captivated.

Enjoy making the videos

Don’t be hesitant to experiment with different kinds of texts, frames, and other special effects. These features are designed to assist you in being artistic and putting your unique touch to each clip. Adding entertaining aspects to each video can enhance the engagement of your content while also allowing your personality to shine through.

When you demonstrate your uniqueness and ingenuity, people are more inclined to watch your next video and follow you. It’s quite easy for consumers or even companies to generate video content that matches their branding or aesthetics, thanks to all of the tools and online video editors accessible.

Whatever your goal for video making, you can accomplish them with your phone camera and ideal video editing tools. 

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