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Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance in the UK

Commercial Solar Asset management

Commercial solar panels have become a typical investment for owners of commercial buildings due to their cost-efficiency. These photovoltaic cells can be installed on the rooftops of facilities with both flat and pitched roofs.

In order for businesses to enjoy the long-term benefits of such systems, they need to be maintained on a regular basis. There are numerous commercial solar panel maintenance providers, which install and maintain solar arrays in the UK.

Here is everything you need to know about the maintenance and cleaning of these collectors.

Causes of wear and tear and damage

Although commercial solar panels are made of tempered glass, which endures different climate conditions, various factors can affect their performance over time. Such factors include inverter wear and tear, a buildup of dust and smog on the cells, accumulation of leaves, overgrown plants and trees, deterioration of fasteners, etc. While these problems can be resolved with regular maintenance, solar panels might sustain direct damage, which requires a complete replacement.

The most common damage causes include harsh hailstorms, lighting, windstorms, falling trees, and heavy debris. Also, when the seal wears down, moisture can enter the cells and damage the components. In the event of such damage, professionals should inspect the collectors, replace the damaged components with new ones, or reinstall them if necessary.


Regular commercial solar panel maintenance is essential for enjoying the long-term benefits of this investment. Businesses and organizations in the UK that have invested in such a solution should hire professionals to maintain their collectors on a regular basis. For instance, these professionals install wildlife guards in areas where pest-related problems are common. Rodents and pigeons have a nasty habit of chewing on wiring, resulting in electrical issues.

Moreover, these technicians trim vegetation to prevent shading, as it prevents panels from absorbing sunlight and producing energy. Overgrown trees and bushes keep photovoltaic cells in shade, affecting energy production negatively. Fortunately, experienced technicians trim vegetation back to make sure the system functions normally. Check out the perfect tree distance for solar gain.

Exposure to weather elements makes the connection points of solar energy systems loose and prone to deterioration. Therefore, an annual wiring inspection is vital for identifying and resolving problems before the performance of the system is hindered. The harsher the environment, the greater the need for a wiring inspection.

An addition to every annual inspection should include examining the inverters. These components should be free of debris and dust to work properly. Professionals make sure fans and filters are cleaned frequently to expand the lifespan of the inverters. In terms of maintenance frequency, commercial solar panels should be maintained at least once annually. Sometimes, on-demand maintenance is necessary after some weather incidents.


Just like maintenance, cleaning of commercial solar panels is obligatory to keep them efficient all year round. There are certain tools and supplies necessary for the cleaning process, such as a brush with a long handle, biodegradable soap, a wiper, and a brush of a smaller size. The biodegradable soap should be mixed with a bucket filled with water. Then, the long-handled brush should be dipped inside the bucket.

Additionally, these cells have to be wiped gently to prevent glass damage. Dirt and grime build-up are best removed with the help of a soft brush. Abrasive soap and sponge should never be used, as the glass might get scratched. Therefore, cleaning experts avoid using harsh materials and cleaning solutions.

Dirt can easily be removed by running a hose along the photovoltaic cells. It’s of great importance to prevent dirt from building up on the collectors, as it decreases the absorption of sunlight. See this link,, to discover some tips for boosting solar efficiency.

Hiring professionals to take care of the cleaning process means having no worries about safety. These experts use long-handled wipers if possible to reach the cells from the ground. In cases when they need to climb on the roof, they use a safety harness and ropes. Roofs have a tendency of being slippery, which increases the risk of accidents.

Final word

Commercial solar panels offer reduced carbon footprint, financial stability, and considerable cost savings.

Have them maintained regularly!

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