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Why a VPS is the perfect hosting solution

Do you want to establish your online store? Or maybe you want to start a travel or cooking blog to share your stories with other people online? Regardless of what the case might be, if you want to reach audiences, users and people across the globe, your website needs to be hosted on the web first. But what does that even mean? The process of web hosting involves uploading your website along with all of its content on a designated web server. Ultimately, this is what enables your website to be accessed worldwide.

Types of web hosting

There are many different types of web hosting opportunities such as shared hosting, a virtual private server, abbreviated as VPS, and dedicated servers amongst others. In terms of price, shared hosting comes out as the cheapest due to the fact that there are a number of websites hosted on the same server. This, consequently, means that they are required to share that server’s resources between themselves, meaning that if one website on the server gains a sudden increase in traffic or resource consumption, the other websites will be negatively impacted due to resource deprivation and starvation.

On the other hand, if you do not want to share a server with others and desire to have all the space for yourself, you could invest in the most expensive option, which is a dedicated server. With a dedicated server, you have access to all of its resources, storage and operative memory, meaning that your website will run smooth and fast, while also being capable of managing and handling heavy traffic and server load. Because of this, dedicated servers are usually utilized by large companies and online ecommerce websites that are required to handle a substantial amount of information exchanges and daily requests.

Why is a VPS the right choice

A VPS or a Virtual Private Server, combines the best of both worlds, while also being available at an affordable price. A VPS utilizes virtualization technology to run multiple independent entities with their own separate resources on the same web server. In order to better explain this, we will use some real-life examples to illustrate it. Imagine that shared hosting is a college dormitory – you would need to share the same kitchen, bathroom and living room with other people, whereas by using a VPS you are essentially renting your own flat in an apartment block with all of these rooms included just for yourself. But what are the other benefits to using a VPS apart from personalized resource allocation? One benefit is the fact that you have the ability to manually configure and install server applications as well as manage the server’s system resources including the processing power (CPU), the active memory (RAM) and the storage (SSD). Moreover, you also get root access to your websites directory, which can help you manage your website more meticulously by providing you with more control over everything and a better hands-on experience. Additionally, a virtual private server is also easily scalable, meaning that you can effortlessly upgrade it should you see a drastic increase in your website’s traffic or resource consumption (not to mention that a VPS is quite affordable). The only possible drawback that a VPS could have is that it does require some prior technical knowledge due to the fact that it allows you to manage most of its aspects in detail. However, while optional, previous experience is not essential as most hosting providers do offer additional support in terms of setting up, operating and resolving any problems that could arise with the server.

What is a Bitcoin VPS and why is it useful?

The name is actually really self-explanatory: a Bitcoin VPS is a virtual private server that you can pay for using Bitcoin. As a matter of fact there are hosting providers that accept divergent cryptocurrencies as payments for their servers such as VPSBG.EU where you can pay using both Bitcoin and Litecoin. But why would you pay using Bitcoin? Paying with most types of crypto is cheap, reliable and most importantly – secure. Due to the blockchain technology your payment details are safely stored and the chances of information leaks occurring are next to impossible. However, in terms of speed, transactions can sometimes take longer to complete, but if you do not want to wait excessively, then you might consider using the Lightning Network, which helps cut waiting times substantially, while preserving the transactions’ security and integrity.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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