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Encouraging imaginative play with cabin beds

Children’s cabin beds can be a great option for saving space and a good night’s sleep but they can also be a great way to introduce and encourage imaginative play. If your house is a little cramped or you don’t have access to much outdoor space, it’s important your children’s bedroom is designed so they can use their creativity and imagination. Imaginative play is crucial in your child’s development as they learn to play roles, act out experiences and practise social skills. Whether their cabin bed is a pirate ship, dragon’s lair or designer boutique, we take a look at how you can encourage imaginative play at home.

The benefits of imaginative play

Imaginative play is a skill learned by children of all ages, through making up games and creating adventures, whether based in the real world or a made-up one. This type of play has been used for centuries and it has a number of benefits including

– Emotional development
– Learning to negotiate
– Developing listening skills
– Encouraging storytelling
– Developing social skills
– Understanding the world

By encouraging your children to play make-believe and create exciting adventures without using screens, you are teaching them valuable life skills and building their confidence in a safe space.

Indoor adventures for winter

As the winter gets colder, going outside to play can be harder for busy parents and kids! Try and have a range of exciting and engaging activities prepared for indoors. If your children are full of energy, climbing up and down the cabin bed ladder can be a great way to get them tired, or maybe hang sheets over the bottom rail to create a stage for enthusiastic performances or puppet shows. There are also a variety of kids cabin beds that have built-in desks, storage drawers for toys and even slides for hours of fun! Use the space underneath your children’s cabin bed to create a den, cave or secret hideout, and encourage them to add details and move around.

Space for bedtime stories

Reading to your children is one of the most important ways you can encourage their development, teaching them to enjoy the written word and imagine new worlds. It can also be great for relaxation after a busy day and help with building a beneficial bedtime routine. You can encourage your children to engage more with reading in cabin beds, with some that have plenty of space for books and snuggling down. Choose a cabin bed with a built-in bookcase or shelves so that selecting a story is the fun part of their nightly routine.

Using kids’ furniture for play

Children have always been using their bedroom furniture to create magical worlds, but in the modern world, we often forget the importance of just playing with our little ones. Host a wonderful tea party for all of your children’s teddy bears, pretend to make breakfast in a fabulous kitchen or turn their cabin bed into an aeroplane ready for taking off. As your children get older their interests and needs will change, but make sure to prioritise some screen-free time in their bedroom where they can read, play and create. If your child needs a new bed, look for a cabin bed that has lots of space for playing and storing toys or a fun theme they’ll adore.

Shop cabin beds

If your little one is ready for a new bed and you need some more space for play, a cabin bed is the perfect solution. Enjoy hours of adventures at home playing shops, aliens, pirates, princesses, whatever they can imagine, and remind them that they can be anything they can dream of.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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