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Holiday Trends for 2022

It looks like many of us will be travelling next year. After all the uncertainty this year, and being pretty much grounded in 2020, people are eager to explore again.

Travel is an industry that is constantly evolving. Trends come and go, some stay for years, while the demand for others goes down quickly.

Do you need inspiration for your next holiday? Are you wondering what new experiences you can do in 2022 to whet your appetite for adventure?

There are some destinations that never go out of style, but looking ahead, let’s see what’s hot for 2022.

Local and International Growth

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) anticipates growth in travel across local and international markets. It’s expected that with the surge of bookings, it will actually reach beyond pre-pandemic levels.

With people looking to take longer holidays and make the most of their experiences, new destinations are becoming popular. So, what kind of holidays are people choosing for their 2022 break?

Big Celebration Breaks

Before you might’ve had a city break with your sister for her 50th, or a night away for an anniversary. Now families are getting together to combine celebrations and take a big trip together.

This means people are putting their budgets together, or even choosing to splash out on a dream trip. It depends on the kind of family you are, but some of these are options:

  • A ski holiday, with your own chalet, including cook
  • An all-inclusive resort by the sea
  • A cruise liner with lots of family-friendly activities

Catamaran Cruises

Once seen as the preserve of the rich and famous, catamaran cruises have become much more accessible. Now there are plenty of options, and it can even work out less expensive than a hotel.

There are plenty of benefits to having a catamaran too:

  • Plan your own itinerary

You can choose one that suits your group or take the skipper’s advice.

  • Privacy

If you have a group of six people or more, you don’t need to travel with strangers.

  • Space

Catamarans are ideal for group holidays, as the rooms are spacious. There’s usually a dining area and space up front for sunbathing too.

  • Stability

If you’re on wheels or have children in your group, catamarans sail smoothly giving you stability on the water.

It’s understandable why these holidays are becoming so popular. You get to see more and visit remote spots that aren’t accessible easily by road.

Where are the hotspots for cruises next year? It looks like Croatia is a favourite.

With local wines, stunning coves and plenty of islands dotted with forests and waterfalls, it’s a beautiful destination. You can find catamaran charters here from just €247 per day.

Live the onboard life for a bit!

Safari Holidays

If you’ve been sat home, or living in a concrete jungle, getting out into nature is appealing. Safari holidays are a bucket list item for some.

The truth is, they don’t come cheap, but do offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences to see wildlife. If you want to see:

  • Lions
  • Tigers
  • Lemurs
  • Elephants

And many more rare animals, then their own habitat is the best place.

The open spaces are also a big draw after people feeling so cooped up for so long. Bush walks are now being included on safari, as people want to stretch their legs and get involved.

Many safaris now teach a lot about conservation, so they can be a fantastic educational opportunity for children. Little minds soak up so much more when they are engaged in these environments.

Immersive Experiences

While before, many people were happy with a few days escape, now people want more immersion. They want to see, feel, taste the flavours of a destination and meet the locals who live there.

Some different immersive experiences include:

  • Women-only tours in India

Meeting women in their local communities who have started small businesses. Discovering local traditions being preserved by local women.

  • Cooking and dining tours

Everywhere from France to Vietnam, you can book itineraries that involve learning from top chefs. Different days involve visiting farms where ingredients come from and market visits for fresh produce local to the area.

  • Hiking tours

Go deep into the Amazon rainforest, or maybe take to the Alps in summer. Walking and hiking tours are another choice for active travellers in 2022.

You can even choose tours tailored to your own interests, such as visiting several flowers shows in Europe.

Caribbean Getaways

There has been increased interest in the Caribbean from both the US and Europe for 2022. This is not just because it offers guaranteed sunshine, but because there is so much on offer there.

Activities such as:

  • Horse riding
  • Take a speedboat through the mangroves
  • Swim with stingrays
  • Hike the only tropical forest in the United States

The Caribbean also has a rich culture, with each island offering something different. Everywhere has its own version of Carnival, so it’s great to visit in Spring.

If you truly want to feel the groove, Kingston on the Edge is an authentic roots reggae festival in June.

Of course, there are numerous incredible beaches in the Caribbean, including the pink sands of Exuma. If you just want to sunbathe and swim, why not?

A World of Possibility

With so many different types of holiday on offer, it’s really up to you what kind of holiday you’d like.

Whether you choose to stroll through Spanish museums, or take to the seas, it will be worth waiting for.

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