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The advantages of living in retirement in Spain

If you are starting to plan your retirement and are considering retiring to live abroad, what better place to move to than Spain. Spain has it all, the hot weather, delicious food, plenty of things to do and spectacular landscapes. Whether you are looking to move to a city like Barcelona, or you want to settle down in the countryside like La Azohia, Murcia, there is a place for everyone. So, what are the advantages of living your retirement in Spain? Below we look into 4 different advantages. 

The Spanish Weather 

We know this may come across as an obvious one, but it goes without saying the weather in Spain is a very attractive reason to consider retirement there. With temperatures mostly above 20C, you can turn your back to the horrible rainy seasons that you may be used to in England or other countries. Your raincoat can be left in the cupboard to gain dust as most days you can enjoy wearing a t-shirt or a jumper when it gets slightly colder. Yes, Spain isn’t immune to the odd rain shower or storm, however it happens a lot less than in other countries. 

Reduced Living Costs 

Now, this can vary depending on what parts of Spain you are thinking of settling down in, however, on a whole, you will find your day to day costs less than in other countries. Due to the hotter climate, ‘in-season’ fruit and veg tend to cost less as well as meat. You also find the cost of eating out can be considerably lower compared to other countries – although this again depends on the places you are visiting in Spain. 

Support For Other Nationalities 

When living in Spain there are a whole plethora of companies that specialize in providing personalized services and making life easier for people moving from other countries. Most of these companies will have a multilingual team, making it easier for you to communicate and get set up. Companies like will help with your internet and mobile plans, whilst dedicated property providers will help with your move and settling you in. 

The healthcare

When retiring, it is important that you look after your health and if it is to deteriorate you are in a place where there is a good healthcare system. Luckily, Spain is very known for having a good healthcare system in place that is very similar to the UK’s NHS. Under their healthcare, most treatments come free of charge for both working and retired residents. If you prefer to go private, they have plenty of private healthcare providers that you can sign up to. 

These four are only a touch on the many benefits that there are to moving abroad. That said, it’s important you do your research before moving and look into how moving will affect your tax, pension, student loan etc. 

What part of Spain are you considering moving to? Have you already moved to another country and what benefits did you get from making that move? Let us know in the comment box below. 

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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