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If you are building a new home or remodeling your current property, you will be required to choose a material for your ceiling and walls. Many homeowners prefer using plasterboards for their ceilings and interior parts of the walls due to their many advantages. They consist of a non-combustible core and paper surfacing on the face, backside, and even along the edges. You can also find plasterboards in the form of different materials like fiberglass mats or paper.

Installing plasterboards on your ceilings and interior walls come with many perks.

They are easy to install and maintain

The process of installing plasterboards is easy and quick whether you are fixing them on your ceiling or walls. One unique thing about plasterboards is that they are lightweight so handling them is easy. That means even transportation to your construction site is easy because of its lightweight nature.

From 8-12feet and width of up to 48inches, plasterboards can cover large areas at ago compared to other ceiling materials. You can cut them using a saw or knife, and only a few tools are required for the installation. The lightweight material makes it easy to achieve the best fixing for plasterboard, and you will have no difficulty maintaining them. Repainting is also easy because you can remove the old paint by scraping it off.

They are fire-resistant

Plasterboards are valuable, especially where fire resistance is necessary. They are manufactured with chemically combined water which releases steam when the heat is high. As a result, plasterboard is the most used interior finish where fire resistance classification is needed as it is a non-combustible material.

According to a study, the material produces steam that does not exceed 100degrees Celcius under normal atmospheric pressure. This feature helps deter the transfer of heat and any spread of fire. That means in case of a fire outbreak in your home, the steam produced lowers the temperature and slows down the transfer of heat. The material can adequately protect your property from fire hazards.

Sound isolation

Using plasterboards in your property ceilings and interior walls helps you to control sound transmission effectively. Ideally, a contractor should keep in mind the use of the building when during construction to ensure they include all the right noise reduction features.

For instance, an office space needs more sound reduction than the other rooms. Installing plasterboards on the ceiling and interior walls provides the much-needed sound isolation in your property. The material prevents the transfer of unwanted sound to the adjacent areas.


Plasterboards are versatile because they can help you achieve different architectural styles. They are incomparable to other surfacing products due to their adaptability to various forms of decoration. They come with qualities such as ease of installation, maintenance, repair, performance, and availability. With the right products, you can quickly fix plasterboards or repair them when need be.

You can quickly achieve the size and shape you desire in your ceiling or interior walls with plasterboards. They are flexible to shape into any form, and they are easy to cut. You can paint plasterboards with the perfect finish or decorate them however you desire. Again it is easy to move or replace the plasterboards if you want to change the layout of your ceiling.

They are durable

Another perk of using plasterboards in your property is that they give you the much-needed durability of your ceiling. Plasterboards provide dimensional stability, can be decorated and refinished, making them durable. Plus, they are fire-resistant, which also contributes to their durability. Also, high-quality interiors designed with plasterboards can be recognized as drywall.

Plasterboards are affordable

Last but not least, plasterboards are an affordable and readily available building material. Building or remodeling your property doesn’t come cheap, so finding quality but inexpensive materials is needful. Plasterboards come in different sizes to install in either ceilings or interior walls. Also, they are a cheap ceiling covering and wall surfacing material that results in a fire-resistant finish. The installation and labor are also affordable because they are lightweight hence easy to handle and fix.

The bottom line

As you can see, plasterboards are the go-to ceiling coverings or wall surfacing materials that are fire-resistant. They are versatile, flexible, easy to install, durable, and made of an environmentally friendly material. If you are constructing or remodeling your property on a budget, they are the go-to material because they are quality, affordable, and readily available.

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