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How Comparison Websites are Better than Pure Luck

It’s difficult to navigate the industry of online casinos in India, even for experienced players. There are so many on offer that choosing one without any research can pretty much be as random as the games themselves. So what is the best way to select the best online casino in India?

It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience comparing every last detail between online casinos hoping you’ve found a fair, safe, and all-round amazing site. In this article we’ll cover tips to help you find the right online casino for you.

Decide what you are looking for!

Are you eager to be immersed in the world of live dealer casino games? Are you hoping to hit a huge progressive jackpot prize? Or perhaps you want to find an online casino that works flawlessly on your smartphone when you’re out and about?

These are all valid preferences and to be honest, it would be almost impossible to find just ONE online casino that can do it all perfectly. That’s why before your search, you should decide what features are important for you, to really know what your non-negotiable features are and what features are not essential. Knowing this before your search means you’ll be able to find a great casino much quicker and easier.

If you’re still not quite sure what you want, or just looking for more information, we have you covered. We’ll include some of the key points that separate the outstanding casinos from the ordinary.

Can I trust casino comparison websites?

Absolutely! Make sure to find a site with a good reputation with reviewing and comparing online casinos. Finding a casino review site like Casinos-India will help you put your mind at ease, allowing you to easily compare all the important areas of a casino. You’ll be able to find features such as games, payment methods, bonus information, user ratings, and license and registration information. In addition to special features that each casino excels in. Exactly what you need to find a casino that meets your preferences perfectly!

What’s the deal with an online casino being licensed and regulated?

There is a way to prove an online casino is operating fairly and securely. Online casinos are regulated through different regulatory bodies where all online casinos carrying that license are adhering to strict rules to ensure all the casinos are regulated to the same high standard.

For example, with the Malta Gaming Authority, any online casino that wants a license from this organisation must abide by certain objectives such as carrying out business in the interest of the public, ensure that the gaming is free from crime, ensure minors and vulnerable individuals are safeguarded, and all gaming is conducted in a transparent, safe, and fair manner.

The Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission are both known in the online gambling industry to be some of the strictest regulatory bodies around. If you find an online casino with an approved license from one -or both! – of these regulatory bodies, it can certainly be one you can trust.

What security should an online casino have?

It’s obvious that all licensed online casinos must operate under strict regulations, however it can sometimes pay off to double check the methods an online casino implements to ensure safety and security on their website yourself. After all, hackers want to target online casinos for obvious reasons, so when depositing any money to an online casino, you want to make sure nothing will happen to it.

Due to lots of sensitive personal information of players and a large amount of banking details, an online casino needs to be encrypted to give players peace of mind while using the site. Look out for an up-to-date SSL certification. This digital encryption technology creates a secure link between players and the online casino, meaning no one can steal your information.

A quick way to look out to see if an online casino is encrypted is by checking to see if there is a picture of a small padlock in the toolbar. This will let you know a site is secure at a glance, or perhaps if the homepage doesn’t have a padlock but the banking interface does, you’ll know that you’ll be protected.

Variety of games

Of course, the feature many players are interested in are the variety of games available at an online casino. Some online casinos may focus more on slots, some may be leading in progressive jackpots, while some excel in live dealer casino games.

While it’s nice to find a casino that focuses on one variety of game and does it well, the best online casinos in India will at least offer some middle ground to ensure there is something for everyone. It’s nice to not limit yourself with only a few types of games. In addition, many online casinos have the option to play demo games on their site. Not only does this let players get comfortable with a game before playing for real money, it’s also a great opportunity to venture out into something new. You never know – you might find a new favourite variety of game!

Bonuses and promotions

Promotions and online casinos go hand in hand. It is unusual nowadays to see an online casino without an exciting and generous welcome bonus to attract new players. While it’s possible to get fixated on this one detail comparing each online casino’s welcome bonus, it’s important to look beyond these too. The best online casinos want to keep existing players happy as well, not just the new players joining.

In addition, keep on the lookout for the conditions attached to any bonuses and promotions. While they can often be overlooked, they give crucial information about conditions like the wagering requirements, time limits for the offer, and withdrawal options connected to the offer.

It’s entirely possible to find amazing bonuses and promotions on an online casino only to find they have ridiculously high wagering requirements requiring players to wager an unbelievably high amount of money, so don’t be caught out!  

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