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Money site on WordPress

Making money on your website or blog is one of the most reliable ways to make money on the Internet. Creating websites has become so simple that almost anyone can handle this task.

The simplest and most understandable platform for creating your own resource on the Internet is WordPress. To become a happy owner of your own website, it is enough to purchase hosting and a domain.

Each resource on the Internet has its own hosting and domain. Hosting is the place where site files are located. Domain – the name of the resource that is displayed in the search bar. When choosing a domain and hosting, you need to be careful to get the best conditions.

It is better to purchase hosting on trusted resources that have been around for years and value their reputation. Although the prices will be more expensive than those of little-known resources. It is desirable to pay at once for a year. In this case, you can get a good discount, and sometimes a second-level domain as a gift. Depending on the tariff, the annual payment for hosting will cost from 1500 to 3500 rubles.

The cost of a domain depends on the domain zone. The more prestigious it is, the higher the price. If the resource is designed only for the Russian-speaking audience, then you can get by with a domain in the RU zone. Domains in this zone are quite cheap. And the domain can be purchased here at a price of 39 to 500 rubles. A domain in other zones can cost several thousand rubles.

When registering a domain, you need to pay attention to the cost of renewal. The initial price can be low, and the renewal cost is several times higher. For example, on Jino hosting, they offer to buy a domain for only 39 rubles, but the renewal will cost from 500 rubles.

It is better to take domains with a fixed price. For example, a domain in the RU zone can be found at some registrars for 200 rubles, and the cost of renewal will also be 200 rubles. This will help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Until the site is profitable, you should not invest a lot of money in it. After all, it may happen that the idea is not crowned with success and the money will be thrown to the wind.

Many hosting companies have a free trial period. If desired, you can find a trial period of up to three months. This will allow you to thoroughly test the hosting. Before paying, you need to carefully study the reviews in order to be aware of possible hosting problems and choose the best option for hosting your own resource.

Most hosting providers provide a one-click installation of WordPress or Joomla. Each hosting has training materials for beginners. But if something is not clear, then you can watch the lessons on YouTube or contact technical support.

After installing WordPress, you will receive an email containing the username and password for the admin panel. By entering this panel, you can access the management of the created site.

The first step is to remove unnecessary plugins and entries. Then you should choose a theme for your resource, configure the available options and start filling content.

To quickly start earning income from the site, you need to use affiliate programs. With low attendance, it makes no sense to place ads from Yandex and Google. There will be no income from it or it will be scanty. But affiliate programs can be profitable, even with low attendance.

Consider the example of courses on earnings. But in a similar way, you can get traffic to other affiliate programs.

First you need to register in affiliate programs for the sale of courses. The leader in this field is Glopart. The site is distinguished by its popularity, simplicity, honest payments without cheating. On it you can find educational materials on any topic, but training for earnings is best sold. Also, there are other sites for the sale of courses, they can be found through the search.

It is recommended to start with Glopart. The main advantage of this site is high affiliate deductions. Here you can get up to 80% from the sale of affiliate products. But on average they pay 30 – 50% from one sale, which is a good result.

Depending on the cost of the goods, you can get from 100 to 10,000 rubles from one sale. There are goods and worth 100,000 thousand rubles. Naturally, deductions from them will also be high. But expensive goods are quite difficult to sell. Best of all, goods worth up to 2000 rubles are sold.

Despite the huge number of forums posting these courses, a large percentage of people buy them from the author. This is much more profitable, since in this case you can count on help and support.

To sell any affiliate product, you need to learn how to attract traffic. Interested people who will buy these learning materials. That’s what your own website is for.

With the help of articles tailored to key queries, the site collects traffic and redirects it to affiliate links. One example is the site It looks unsightly, but it brings traffic and sales to the author. The author of this resource simply takes information from the selling website of the product andand writes articles based on it. At the end of the article, he indicates his affiliate link to the product. For each sale through such a link, he receives a profit.

You can do the same, but a better option would be to give people useful information and unobtrusively advertise the course. You can find hundreds of online earning channels on YouTube. It is enough to copy a video with useful information from them and place it on your resource.

The description can be taken from under the video itself. And then write that for faster results, you can use a good earning rate. Indicate the name of the course and leave an affiliate link to it.

On Glopart, you can make an advertising widget and embed it on your website. Popular courses will be displayed in this widget. Links in the widget are also affiliate links. For each sale through the widget, the site owner is also rewarded.

But the question arises, where to get the first traffic to the site. Articles are posted, but people are not. In order for the resource to be indexed faster and articles to be shown in the search, you need to give a signal to search engines. To do this, enter the query in the search engine: “Exchange of visits”. There are many such resources. The meaning here is as simple as possible, you should watch other people’s sites, and in return get views on your own resource.

Everything happens safely, viewings are carried out by living people. There are no risks. If you use several similar sites at once and do this for 3-6 months, you can get a constant increase in visitors without any investment.

Search algorithms see that the site is visited by real people immediately after creation and conclude that the site is interesting to people. And if it is interesting, then it needs to be indexed faster so that more people can see it. Also, it is recommended to connect the resource to Yandex Zen. This will speed up indexing and contribute to audience growth.

Do not forget about forums, other people’s blogs, social networks, you can also get free traffic from them. After the resource is firmly established in the search results, expensive search traffic will go in large numbers. But for this you need to use keywords in the titles of articles, you can pick them up on the WordStat service.

It is desirable to post at least 3 articles per day. The more articles on the site, the more articles in the search results, and therefore more search traffic.

Articles can be written independently or ordered on special text exchanges.

Having gained the skills to create a blog on WordPress, you can provide services for creating sites on this platform. Thus, getting additional profit.

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