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Life Coach Uzma Naqvi’s Four Modules for an Extraordinary You!

“Your sickness is from you, but you do not perceive it and your remedy is within you, but you do not sense it. You presume you are a small entity, but within you is enfolded the entire Universe. You are indeed the evident book, by whose alphabets the hidden becomes manifest. Therefore, you have no need to look beyond yourself. What you seek is within you, if you only reflect.”  – Imam Ali (AS)

Uzma Naqvi woke up to a new life when she read the above quote by her revered icon Imam Ali (AS). Never in a million years would she have seen her purpose come to light through her pain if she wasn’t attentive to the great philosophers, poets, spiritual teachers, and in particular some signs and synchronicities from The Higher Power. 

An epitome of a 21st Century woman – a single mother rediscovering her sense of self after a traumatic childhood and three failed marriages, Uzma emerged not only as a survivor but a transformative life coach to other women who struggled to break free from the captivity of abuse and self-deprecation. 

From being abused as a 4-year-old child to someone forced into an unhappy marriage and an arranged marriage, the ordeal didn’t seem to suffice when her third marriage which she chose out of love also didn’t survive. What came next was an unpleasant series of five suicide attempts, seven burglaries, violent home attacks, and influenced evictions. The pain she endured, ultimately forced her to reflect upon the connected experiences of her life. Hitting the rock bottom, she chose to stay there for a while to analyse her dreadful situation. Her staunch refusal to endorse victimhood propelled her in the direction of formulating a holistic transformation program guided by her intuition, spiritual and scientific research that healed her and many others later on. 

Uzma’s healing techniques stand out for one prominent reason – her personal touch. Looking back at her transformational journey, in the delicate embrace of faith and love, the broken pieces of her identity acted like a torchbearer for a major milestone of “Healing” in her life. Addressing the unidirectional approach of numerous therapies and coaching, Naqvi quips, “the usual coaching and therapies often deal with the mindset alone, which is hugely powerful and absolutely gives huge shifts, but sometimes we are still left with the feeling that something is missing or perhaps the changes do not last long enough.”

To overcome the barriers that prevented her own growth and deepest form of healing through existing coaching and therapies, Uzma came up with a dynamic method comprising four modules that ranges from a person’s mental reprograming, inner healing, spiritual development to physical wellness. A walk through her year long holistic transformational program would look something like this – 

  • Mind Work (where the subconscious mind is reprogrammed).
  • Heart Work (which focuses on intellect (inner compass), intuition and wisdom, emotional intelligence, character traits, personality types, values and spirituality giving practical exercises to bring about mind and heart coherence. This gives her clients a solid foundation to build the rest of their life upon. 
  • The clients are then trained on physical life in the third module; health & fitness, marriage, parenting, career, money mindset, social life, lastly, a bold vision and deeply connecting with the purpose of life.

Leaving a full-time secure government job to pursue a calling may seem impulsive and unguaranteed. Nonetheless, Uzma chooses her purpose over everything else. With pride in her tone and confidence in her smile Uzma says, “As a Muslim woman, a woman who proudly wears her hijab, a woman who is a divorcee, a woman with many healed scars to tell a story, I feel coaching for me is divine work. My duty expands far beyond myself, and I am willing to break the barriers of generations passing on hurt. I still have people telling me I should not write my book because it may bring shame to the community/ family, but I believe I was created to disrupt generational stereotypes and not just an industry, if not me, then who.” She asks.

Drawing inspiration from her life, her upcoming book is sure to be a treasure box of wisdom and transformation. Apart from running successful self-healing programmes, Uzma loves to surround herself with great energy and like-minded people. Be a part of her group and inner circle today!

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