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Greedy Gramps NFT Project Has Built Their Value Through Exceptional Artistic Design and A Unique Customer Model

Greedy Gramps will launch their NFT project of 10,000 artworks in late January 2022. With highly anticipated, iconic artwork, their collection will drop on the Ethereum Chain and will be available for sale on OpenSea. Notable for their highly executed visual designs, Greedy Gramps are distinguishing themselves in the market by creating a membership that includes benefits and rewards with real-world value, like an AMEX rewards club. Holders will have access to tickets and events, concerts, hotel bookings, fashion discounts, and many more perks.

Drawing holders and potential buyers into their collection visually, Greedy Gramps NFTs each only exist once and have been programmatically generated from a combination of over 180 potential items such as facial features, apparel, and accessories. Designed by a handful of the world’s leading illustrators and content creators, each Greedy Gramp has its own unique element of personalization and flair.

Pioneering Real-World Relevance

The real-world value of the Greedy Gramps project is not only defined by the reward and membership offerings in provides holders, but also by its visual design and participation in real-world art contexts. The project already displayed their artwork at world-renowned art fair, Art Basel Miami prior to the launch and sale of the collection. Beyond that, Greedy Gramps is working on partnerships with the world’s leading galleries including Galleries in London, Berlin, New York and more. The distinguished visual appeal of this collection is allowing it to break the boundaries of the digital sphere and garner significant attention in the real-world art market.

“Where most other NFT profile picture projects are animal and cartoon based, we are the first to represent how we will actually like to look twenty years from now. Unlike an animal that abstractly represents the current sentiment in bull or bear markets, our vision is to remain close to reality in our imagery so that people can identify with our NFTs in a timeless manner,” says Noah, a member of the Greedy Gramps creation team. “This foundation has allowed our artwork to stand out and gain momentum and attention.”

The group presented its project at the global blockchain conference held in Abu Dhabi, Proof of Fusion. Gathering the world’s leading crypto and blockchain projects, Greedy Gramps presented their ideas to a knowledgeable audience and gained valuable feedback and partnership ideas. With a launch planned for January, Greedy Gramps already has plans in place for an extensive and prolific roadmap that spans the entirety of 2022. Upcoming events and developments include gallery exhibitions in Berlin, London and New York; a fashion line drop in collaboration with an internationally known brand; and a new GREED utility token that will be released alongside the NFT. Greedy Gramps promises to continue to break the mold moving forward, as it develops its project in the digital and real world around the values of creativity, empathy, diversity, impact, and humor.

See more from Greedy Gramps on their website, Instagram, Twitter, or Discord channel.

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