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Mia Anderberg Joins Ombori as Chief Commercial Officer

As the retail industry increasingly embraces digital technology enhancements, Ombori Grid has emerged as a leader in this rapidly evolving field. Ombori’s suite of interactive digital tools has helped its retailer partners to elevate their customers’ experiences and promote long-term brand loyalty.

Mia Anderberg, Ombori Grid’s new Chief Commercial Officer, will drive the Company’s multifaceted marketing program. Her proven sales and client-facing experience position her well for success in this highly competitive global arena. Anderberg’s long-term goal is to sustainably expand the business while consistently increasing revenues.

Mia Anderberg’s Strong Record of Achievement

Mia Anderberg brings a host of professional accomplishments to her Ombori Grid position. Before joining the Company, she spent 17 years at Ework, a Sweden-based firm focused on bringing skilled consultants together with clients that need specific services. In addition to individual matches, Ework often manages the entire procurement cycle.

During her Ework tenure, Anderberg excelled in several high-profile business development positions. Her Sourcing Partner, Sales Manager, Project Manager, and Site Manager roles showcased her outgoing personality and natural interest in people. While a member of the Ework team, Anderberg helped to grow the firm’s consultant base from 100 consultants to nearly 11.000 skilled professionals.

Leveraging Key Skills to Help Ombori Grid Grow

As Ombori Grid’s CCO, Anderberg will tap into her finely honed sales and sales management skills to further expand the Company’s customer base. Her intimate understanding of the consultancy business, and the mutually beneficial nature of consultative sales, will help her to identify sales opportunities and bring them to fruition.

Concurrently, Anderberg will formulate and execute the Ombori Grid marketing strategy. Her proven expertise with marketing plan components, and her ability to utilize targeted channels to reach specific market segments, set the stage for numerous client acquisitions.

Ombori Grid’s “Customer-first” Marketplace Focus

Meeting customers’ ever-evolving needs begins with identifying these often-complex preferences. In 2021, forward-thinking retailers have realized that consumers’ demands have gradually shifted.

For many customers, good customer service has increasingly given way to “the overall customer experience.” This series of product or service interactions, even if they do not involve a purchase, contributes to the customer’s overall experience with that retail store.

Retailers who determine what their customers truly want, and design customer experiences that fulfill those expectations, are well-positioned to increase customer loyalty over time. In turn, this will contribute to higher retailer revenues.

Delivering Optimal Customer Experiences 

Today, customers choose to engage with businesses that mirror their values and empathize with their challenges. Ombori Grid frequently helps customer-focused retailers respond to customers’ needs in three innovative ways.

Customer Security and Safety

Creating an empathy-based customer experience means first ensuring customers’ security and safety. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is gradually subsiding, customers still want to minimize their store visits and maximize their digital interactions. Ombori Grid’s virtual queue management system enables customers to seamlessly schedule in-store or virtual appointments via their smartphones.

Multiple Purchase Options

Next, Ombori Grid helps retailers to cater to customers’ desires for multiple purchase options. Specifically, retailers want to encourage highly profitable impulse purchases.

This spur-of-the-moment shopping behavior is often characteristic of customers who may be mired in decision fatigue. Alternatively, customers may engage in impulse purchases as a means of stress relief or to ensure they don’t miss desirable bargains.

Ombori Grid’s in-store digital signage draws attention to certain products and showcases too-good-to-pass-up deals. Streaming video enhances the customer’s engagement with the product, often showing the benefits they will receive from buying it. This high-tech digital interactive experience often provides the impetus the customer needs to purchase the product.

Omnichannel Retail Experiences

With consumers making most of their pandemic-era purchases via online venues, eCommerce has become a major part of the retail landscape. This practice meshes with consumers’ desire for a shopping experience that involves multiple channels.

This omnichannel approach enables consumers to make many purchases online while engaging with in-store associates when desired. Through Ombori Grid’s omnichannel solutions, customers can interact with customer service or design associates in person or via a video portal. Ombori Grid also offers other omnichannel retail solutions.

Retailers who provide memorable customer experiences can often command 25% higher prices on their merchandise. This directly results in higher revenues while ensuring continued customer satisfaction.

How Mia Anderberg Will Drive the Ombori Grid Mission

Ombori Grid is committed to providing market-leading innovation to its customers. The Company is on a mission to deliver quality digital experiences in physical spaces such as retail stores.

Mia Anderberg embraces the Ombori Grid mission, and she shares the Company’s business philosophy. “To work in a company with core values and driving forces aligned with your own is key. We are a good match!” Anderberg enthusiastically declares.

In addition, Anderberg is excited to be drawing creative energy from Ombori Grid’s exceptionally talented team. She is impressed by the Company’s culture, and she admires the digital solutions it provides to its clients. “The energy, problem-solving, creativity, and entrepreneurship are very energizing, and I love the solutions,” she says.

Mia Anderberg Designs Her Roadmap

During Mia Anderberg’s first few weeks on the Ombori Grid team, she took time to meet her coworkers and gain exposure to all facets of the business. While this may be standard for all new hires, Anderberg took the time to really breathe in the culture at Ombori, immersing herself in the nuances that make the company unique. She is also committed to learning about the ways in which she can contribute to the Company’s mission.

During any given week, Mia Anderberg will spend much of her time engaging with clients. To better serve Ombori Grid’s current business partners, she has already taken time to meet them and immerse herself in their businesses. She also looks forward to marketing the Company’s suite of innovative products and services to new business prospects.

How IoT Software Challenges Spur Ombori Grid Solutions

Ombori Grid’s high-technology offerings are centered around the Internet of Things (or IoT) industry’s rapid growth. IoT-enabled product manufacturers are increasingly designing custom software solutions for targeted markets and industries.

However, many IoT software analytics functions have not delivered as promised. The lengthy and expensive software development cycle has also been a deterrent to further expansion. Finally, the process’ complex technical aspects have eliminated the average business owner from the equation.

Ombori Grid’s Innovative No-code Solutions

Enter the Ombori Grid’s no-code software solutions, a logical outgrowth of the Company’s custom-built applications created for clients. The solutions contain “Plug and Play” technology, and they are compatible with Ombori Grid’s digital retail enhancement tools.

When complete, the collective software framework (or the “Grid”) provides retailers with everything needed to deliver elevated customer experiences. The Ombori Grid no-code IoT software solutions are the first such products available in the Marketplace app store.

How Mia Anderberg Views the No-code Solutions

Mia Anderberg is a strong proponent of Ombori Grid’s no-codesoftware solutions. She is confident that each app will help to achieve a specific client goal while retaining the flexibility that enables the software to be used in varied industries.

“They [the no-code software solutions] are smart, seamless, flexible and easy to combine with the client’s business needs and help them to be successful in their business…I’m longing to listen to [the] client’s challenges and understand how to connect their needs with Ombori’s interesting solutions,” Anderberg concludes.

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