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What does a Youth Marketing Agency do?

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok– these are just some of the platforms that are being used for advertising.

Unlike in the past wherein companies needed to hire professionals to model their products, nowadays, they get help from targeting a specific age segment to spread their reach.

Young people are making such a huge impact in society now which is why they are the main target of marketing.

This is where youth marketing agencies come in. They specialize in targeting the young generation to execute and manage marketing campaigns for their clients. Their goal is for brands to widen their reach with the use of campaigns directed to the youth.

What is Youth Marketing?

Youth marketing is a targeted marketing strategy that involves communicating with the youth.

The youth market, by sense, belongs to a wider range of age bracket. It can be divided into three groups:

  • Teen marketing – targeting people age 11-17
  • College marketing – students ages 18-24
  • Young adult marketing – for ages 25-34

Typically, these smaller segments have products and ad campaigns targeted especially for them.

This marketing strategy is not limited to one technique. There can be different marketing channels such as, but not limited to: TV, radio, print or just about anything that a product placement can be inserted into.

Companies often sponsor known influencers, in hopes that by having them use their products, traffic will be brought to their site and their products will sell out. Oftentimes, this is a very successful strategy that is why social media influence should not be taken lightly.

Why is it important to target the youth?

We’re in an age wherein social media can make or break almost anything. And with the youth being its main population, naturally, it has become a platform for this age bracket to speak their minds.

Young people now are not as timid as they used to back in the days. Nowadays, they prefer to be involved– heard. They engage.

They want their opinions to be validated and acknowledged.

That is why it comes as no surprise that marketing agencies target their age bracket. They are important messengers, with word of mouth ever so fast in spreading the word. Now, all it takes is one picture– one post, a good following and that can catapult a product to overnight success.

It’s also safe to say that the youth have a certain artistry in getting their message across. With the use of different platforms, it’s so easy to cultivate a following and become an influencer.

It is also important to involve them, as often their feedback would become valuable use in improving marketing or even the products itself.

How can youth marketing be effective?

In effective marketing, it’s important to consider the buying power of its target audience. Young people are seen as very valuable consumers because of how they affect their friends and family’s buying decisions.

Youth are often the trendsetters, which is why their opinions matter. It could be as simple as choosing the shop they buy clothes, cosmetics and other products from, to choosing a travel destination they want to visit. Everything you can see on their feed can influence their following, thus making it a successful product advertisement.

In order for youth marketing to be effective, a company can make use of an agency like NERDS Collective, to target their desired age group.

It is important for the agency to know the segment they are working with– to understand them and the demands that come with the engagement.

Targeted research, insight and youth intel can just be the right components in order to deliver desired results.

The agency must be artistic and fresh. They must reflect the youth of today. Their ideas must be ever changing– ever revolving to cater the young generation in order for their campaigns to stay relevant.

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