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Will bitcoins always have massive pressure on other digital coins?

Cryptocurrencies are a new concept across the globe due to widespread uncertainty. No one is completely clear about what cryptocurrencies are and how long they will stay in this world. Still, it has become one of the most popular and most talked-about phenomena in recent years. Some cryptocurrency and bitcoin proponents argue that cryptocurrencies are nothing like total trust currencies. These digital coins are available only on the Internet, and you can use them only on the trust list financial platforms. Therefore, no government or state is linked directly to cryptocurrencies, which is a matter of concern for different authorities. Therefore, preferring fiat currencies over cryptocurrencies is a better option, in the words of bitcoin proponents.

If you pay close attention to the cryptocurrency market, you will find that the other cryptocurrencies follow whenever the prices of bitcoin fall. When the prices of bitcoin increase, the other coins also follow the same. Well, if you imply the same phenomena on the other financial market, the assumptions will be mind-blowing. For example, suppose that the shares of Microsoft’s fall and crumble to a large extent, it does not mean that the other shares are also going to crumble. It is going to be the most ridiculous assumption you will ever make. Therefore, understanding the phenomena behind the effect of bitcoin prices on other cryptocurrencies is very important.

Why does this happen?

When bitcoin came into existence, it was the first of its kind. Therefore, it is entirely sure that bitcoin will influence the whole business. It is one of the most prominent reasons because of which the prices of bitcoin affect the prices of other cryptocurrencies. No doubt, Bitcoin is the currency that has made the whole cryptocurrency market mainstream in today’s world. The whole principle of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology depends entirely on the functionality of bitcoin. Now, the bitcoin prices have increased more than $50,000, and it is the main reason because of which the other cryptocurrencies gained popularity. When bitcoin came, a completely new industry came, and bitcoin was the only one to drive it. Therefore, it will have influence as long as it exists in the financial market.

However, some experts do not believe that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will remain in power for a very long period. According to experts’ reports, it is said that BTC dominance is entirely near its end. The main reason for this is the evolution of new digital coins. Like technology, the old ones get out when new things come into the market. The exact implications are applied to bitcoin. Due to the emergence of other digital coins, bitcoin is expected to lose its dominance in the cryptocurrency market, which is an evident and well-understood phenomenon. Many experts say that other cryptocurrencies will surpass bitcoin in the coming few years, and it will be the downfall for BTC.

Will BTC fall?

Bitcoin is considered to be the safest method of investing your money today. However, it is technically the important one because it came before any other digital coin in the world. The proponents of bitcoins shifted to this cryptocurrency because they want comfort and an ever-increasing value. However, the concept in the past few years says otherwise. In April, the second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum increased its prices and market capitalisation. The dominance was increasing at a very high pace in April, and therefore, people are suspecting the dominance of bitcoin in future. They believe that other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum will take the place of bitcoin, and it is going to be the downfall of bitcoin and the end of its dominance.

Also, some other reasons are the main focus for people because of which bitcoin may lose its dominance in future, according to . The cryptocurrency market is maturing day by day, and therefore, people are discovering new applications for digital tokens. Bitcoin is just a digital coin that is very volatile and is not stable. Due to the low degree of stability, people will lose interest at some point in time and will be through all its investment from this digital token. It will lead to a decrease in the market capitalisation of bitcoin, and it will not remain in power anymore.

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