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Yacht charter – what should you look out for?


Fast, convenient and intuitive – this is what a yacht charter should be. These features will be appreciated by both experienced yachtsmen and people who are just dreaming about a cruise. However, on the web you can find dozens of charter companies offering this type of service, as well as many different operators who rent yachts. So what to look out for and which option to choose? Read this article if you want to spend your holiday enjoying a safe and enjoyable adventure on the water.

The first step

When deciding on a yacht charter, it is best to start by thinking carefully about your needs. Location, route, number of people, price, necessary equipment… All these factors will significantly influence the final decision. It will also be important to check other clients’ opinions – positive feedback will give you an idea which offers are worth attention and which operators are better to avoid.

What is important, in the case of online yacht charters, all the information is always gathered in one place, so there is no need to make various phone calls or contact via e-mail. This makes the whole process much easier and faster!

What is the best date for a yacht charter?

Not every location is the same – that’s the truth. Depending on the choice of location the summer season can last from May to October (in Croatia) or as standard from June to August (e.g. Italy). The destination is therefore really important. When deciding on a yacht charter it is best to book a date before the start of the peak season or right after it ends. However, bear in mind that July and August are the busiest months – so if you don’t like crowds, consider a trip in early spring or autumn. If you decide to go to Croatia, visit and choose your yacht!

Control over your booking

Information at every step of booking – such approach to the client is always appreciated. Yacht charter for someone who uses it for the first time can be very stressful. Therefore pay attention to whether you have access to all documents during the charter of the yacht, whether you have been informed about the documents needed during the cruise and whether you have received information about payments. The important thing with this type of online service is that some of the paperwork, such as providing a crew list, can already be done at the time of booking, saving you unnecessary stress before your trip.

Yacht charter – which boat to choose?

If it’s your first sea voyage and you have no experience in handling a boat it’s best to choose a two or five-year-old yacht. Of course in such a situation you will have a skipper on board who certainly knows how to sail. However, it is worth minimizing the possibility of an unpleasant breakdown. Yachts from several seasons ago are just as well equipped as the newest models. Newly manufactured boats, on the other hand, can surprise cruise participants with unexpected faults. The situation is similar with older models – they are often heavily worn out. Before chartering a yacht, be sure to check current photos and reviews of previous users!

It is important to be conscious of any damage. Yacht repairs demand meticulous attention to detail and expertise to ensure both safety and luxury are preserved at sea. Aluminium boat repairs require specialized techniques to effectively mend and maintain structural integrity.

The Internet gives us access to an unlimited number of offers. However, clients often do not know what aspects of the service they should pay attention to. We hope that with our advice, yacht charter will not be so scary anymore. Plan your dream holiday and spend it in a unique way – join the group of people who fell in love with sailing!

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