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9 Pressure Washing Business Marketing Strategies for Your Sales Growth

The service industry runs on word of mouth. The power washing or pressure washing business is no exception. However, you can’t entirely ignore the role of online and offline marketing in increasing your sales. Therefore it is wise to keep a portion of your time, money, and resources dedicated towards advertising and marketing while starting a pressure washing business.

How to Advertise Power Washing Business?

There are various mediums for marketing pressure washing business, but traditional marketing is still in the front league. So here are 9conventional and proven offline marketing and advertising tactics to bring your sales graph up:-

  • Don’t be Just Another Vendor

Your customers shouldn’t know you only as a vendor. Treat them how you treat family and friends. Keep their needs above everything else. Wish them on occasions and festivals. Ask about their wellbeing. Follow through the update they told you about their life last time, like “how’s your new pet” or “are your kids happy with their new school.”

And of course, you need to do all this while providing them excellent services. An unhappy customer can’t just take one business away but can stop other potential customers from signing up for your services.

  • Build Goodwill in Market

Taking the above point further, you shouldn’t only deliver excellent services. You should go beyond and above if you want to cut through the competition. That’s the best way to get instant publicity and new clients through word of mouth.

And as the first line of this article says, word of mouth is of utmost importance. It spreads like wildfire in the market. No pressure washing business marketing idea can bring business if you don’t create goodwill in the market.

  • Give Deals to Gain Referrals

Another successful pressure washing business marketing strategy is to ask your customers to refer you to their friends and acquaintances. Do this with a happy client or when you are confident about the quality of your services. You can offer a discount to your customers on their upcoming services for each lead and improve the deal whenever the leads convert into customers.

  • Make Your Business a Brand

Effective branding is imperative to create your identity in the market. Start with an eye-catching logo. It should be the reflection of your target audience. The next logical step for the branding of a pressure washing business would be to print business cards, design your vehicle with your brand, and an attractive uniform with your company’s logo for your team. You can think beyond these ideas for branding according to your budget.

  • Mix Email Marketing With Handwritten Notes

Let the visitors on your website sign up for newsletters. Regular E-mailers and newsletters area few proven and comparatively economical ways of pressure washing advertising. You can go old school with handwritten notes to add a personal touch. Your customer will be elated to find a personalized letter in the mailbox. And they will be impressed with the time and effort you give to make them feel special.

  • Advertise Through Print Media

Pressure washing ads in print media like newspapers and magazines generate good leads and business. Although it’s a traditional form of advertising, it’s still producing results in the age of online marketing. It also helps build credibility as people trust ads printed in the newspaper. Moreover, it enables you to reach maximum people and often shows real-time conversions.

  • Distribute Pressure Washing Flyers& Signs

You should reach out to your potential customer through multiple ways. Distribute flyers and signs around and pin them on prominent locations such as community bulletin boards, local restaurants, libraries, etc. Basically,distribute pressure washing flyers& Signs everywhere in your neighboring residential and commercial area. These are not very expensive, so you can generously use them to spread the word about your business.

  • Be Creative With Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is another striking form of pressure washing business marketing. It is about the most innovative and gigantically visible idea which can come into your mind. You can also call it a publicity stunt to engrave your company’s name in the memory of your potential customers. You must’ve seen examples of guerrilla marketing like a giant Popsicle melting on the streets of New York, a flash mob on Times Square, etc.

  • Run a Loyalty Program

You are not the only pressure washing business in the town. Many competitors emerge in the market to eat your piece of the pie. So how to retain your customer base? A loyalty program is your best bait to keep other local pressure washing companies from getting your customers. Make your loyalty program beneficial and affordable for the end-user. Also, ensure that your team makes your customers aware of the loyalty program.

In Conclusion!

These 9 proven marketing& advertising strategies help gain potential customers and generate good leads for your pressure washing business. And they are also about retaining your existing customers by keeping them happy. You can think of other practical pressure washing advertising ideas according to your experience and the city or town in which you are doing business.

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