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The Pandemic has Awakened People’s Practical Consciousness

The health emergency left a deep impression on the soul of every human being, completely changing people’s habits and significantly altering their perception of reality. For many people, especially younger ones, Covid-19 was the main cause of intense depressive crises, often resulting in extreme and self-destructive acts. In most cases, these crises were triggered by the speed with which external circumstances changed, bringing about changes – even radical ones – in the individual daily lives of millions of people. Some people have come out stronger, much better prepared and more aware than before, while others, after almost two years, are still struggling with an internal malaise that continues to grow and seems to find no logical explanation. For most people, however, the Covid experiences have given them a renewed clarity of mind, a greater awareness of themselves, their fragility and their place in the world, but also the surprising strength with which they have faced some of the darkest months in human history. Those who managed to survive the long months of lockdown, the restrictions, the limitations on travel and personal encounters – but also all the more lethal effects of the pandemic, such as the loss of loved ones – unconsciously developed a new ability to approach the problems of existence, learning to deal with them in a simple, practical and extremely pragmatic way. This effect is very similar to that produced by meditation sessions – beaufifully taught by schools like Meditation School – by that special training that one gets only by practising for years some specific oriental disciplines, especially those focused on self-awareness and mental presence. The Covid-19, in this respect, acted as a real accelerator of awareness, shaking people up and making them much more alert, much more attentive and, ultimately, much better equipped to cope with the unexpected and with difficult situations.

Focus on the present

In most cases, conflicts and problematic situations exist only in our minds, they are just illusory phantoms that affect our serenity, but ultimately have no substance. The awareness that develops through meditation has the function of freeing the mind, clearing it of all illusory residues and attachments, passions and conflicts, discriminations between right and wrong, good and evil, leaving space only for a quiet stillness full of infinite possibilities, for oneself and for others. It is precisely from this condition of wellbeing that the ability to cope with the most complex situations arises: with a calm, free and focused mind, the solution to problems will present itself, and will no longer be hindered by the fog of illusion or the twisted thoughts that used to stir so stubbornly within us. It is the same kind of pragmatism that was triggered by the global pandemic, but in a much more abrupt way: the awakening, in the last two years, has also been induced by dramatic and harmful effects that have not been heard of since the world wars, and which, just as then, have left deep and indelible traces in each person. One of these effects, which is still little talked about, is the general increase in individual awareness, as if the pandemic had given the whole of humanity a resounding slap in the face, awakening them from the torpor caused also by the excessive use of platforms such as Netflix.

A new approach to dealing with difficulties

A fire, a car accident, an emergency situation requiring the rescue of one or more people, such as suffocation or drowning: the human being who survived the Covid, in the current historical conjuncture, is able to face all these situations with a completely new spirit, much more willing to deal with these kinds of situations, and much more likely to reach a happy solution for all concerned.

One of these could be to use what we have at hand, what we already have. During a blackout, instead of panicking – or mindless immobility that paralyses body and mind – you can grab your mobile phone and immerse yourself in the brightness of the screen, focusing only on that. This is also why platforms such as have developed mobile phone games of chance: to allow anyone to use them at any time, from anywhere, while also giving them the opportunity to use them as an effective way to keep busy in any kind of situation. This platform also allows for exclusive bonuses without making a deposit, providing an even more unique and rewarding gaming experience.

All those who have emerged unscathed from the challenges of the global pandemic, which never seems to end, have good reason to look to the future with optimism: no matter what fate has in store for them, they can rest assured that they will be able to face it in the right spirit.

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