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New Career Opportunities Present Themselves with Online Learning and Academy of Art University Courses

For too long, individuals have been restricted in their chosen career paths by the availability of educational opportunities that fit their busy lives. Often forced to choose between work, family, and school, professionals often forego their education in favor of tending to other responsibilities. Traditional, in-classroom education is simply not flexible enough for the modern work, family, or parent.

Online education changed all of that, but the rollout was slower than some might have hoped. However, institutions like Academy of Art University have been at the forefront of innovative remote education for decades. Offering flexible options and access, these online programs give professionals the access to higher education that they deserve on the timeframe and terms that fit their schedules.

A Professional Pivot: Considering a Career Change in the Arts

Now more than ever, with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic still upon us, online education has become a stalwart option, with many schools and universities rushing to pivot to models that support it. In turn, with the Great Resignation and more people than ever before considering alternative careers, now is a fantastic time to consider taking online courses to improve your education and your professional outlook. Over 4.5 million people had left their jobs as of November 2021, more than ever in recorded history. And with over 10.6 million jobs posted, there are certainly opportunities for the taking.

In fact, more careers and employers are turning to work from home as a way to accommodate their staff for the long term, as the pandemic lingers and workers become even more accustomed to remaining home. This convenience also has an impact on work-life balance. Many professionals are also still challenged with balancing childcare, work, and other commitments, sometimes simultaneously.

Work from home, or a hybrid workforce, will be here to stay. What can, and likely will, change in the years to come is the landscape of the professionals who make up that workforce. Now is an opportunistic time to explore new options for improving skill sets or taking on a complete career pivot to make yourself more marketable in a fluctuating job market.

What’s more, many of these industries cater to online education and web-based, remote work. And the arts are definitely one of them. During the onset of the pandemic, 1.3 million workers in the arts lost their jobs. Combined with the Great Resignation, the opportunity for entry into the field and demand for talent is greater than ever before. According to the Arts Journal, hybrid work set ups are actually causing opportunities to expand, giving creatives and curators a larger network to work with than ever before.

Opportunity to Learn: Taking Online Classes with Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University has always been at the forefront of innovative education. Instructors are active professionals in their fields, which means that coursework and curricula are constantly curated to reflect the growing demands in a given industry. The University also remains at the cusp of change as it shakes up the education industry, with increased options for online, fully remove courses, certificates, and degree programs. Some were completely online well before pandemic, a testament to the state-of-the-art approach applied to creativity and learning.

Courses for people interested in animation, illustration, and game development lead the way at Academy of Art University. These professions have also largely made the switch to remote employment, giving students the opportunity to learn and then transition into remote or hybrid roles that fit their lifestyle needs. Other examples of similar professions making the move online include graphic designers and music producers. Many creatives can attest that the tools of the trade, being largely computer and internet based, make themselves a great fit for a remote environment where technologies can further design efforts while also bringing together collaborators no matter what their location.

Academy of Art University uses many of these technologies with its own students, paving the way for a complete community of learners and creatives online. Each student is given access to a portal that allows them to post their work for team feedback and input, so students never feel that they are designing or dreaming in isolation. Collaborative lessons through real-time video sessions and discussion forums further connect students with one another as well as with faculty members.

The collaborative nature of programs and cross-program interaction is not lost just because learning has moved to the internet. In fact, these interactions are enhanced because they are not limited to strict classroom hours or forced conversations. Students can check in with each other at any time, from anywhere, and provide input for one another in the creative process. Group projects as well as individual endeavors flourish online, preparing students for what remote work will be like once they enter a profession of their own.

Establishing Online Education for a Change in Career

While some employers may be willing to take a flier on a candidate who doesn’t have direct educational background in their field, enhancing your resume with a degree can certainly help you stand out. And students at Academy of Art University graduate with more than just a degree. They graduate with a demonstrable skill set, complete work portfolio, and the ability to be immediate contributors to their field.

Online projects and classes get to take advantage of Academy of Art University’s full technology suite including rLab, an innovative and 24/7 accessible studio. Students can remote into the rLab from anywhere and instantly access their projects as well as all of the software they need to learn and get ahead in their career journey. This includes Adobe Creative Suite, Pro Sound Effects, and a virtual library with countless resources and archives.

Many students make the connections they need to thrive in their field while attending classes or working on projects. Faculty, who remain active in their professions, can create networking opportunities through video chats just as easily as through traditional means, helping students create connections that can propel their careers. Degree programs are also diverse, catering to the level and interests of students no matter what their artistic leanings are. From fashion to architecture to graphic design, you will find a online program that meets your needs, schedule, and budget with Academy of Art University.

Academy of Art University has a storied history of providing industry-based curriculum learning to artists, designers and creatives. Students can choose from more than 120 accredited degree options, all taught by instructors who are experienced professionals in a course of study. Academy coursework is a hands-on experience that combines a solid foundation of core skills with the freedom for students to express themselves creatively. To learn more about the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and certificate programs, visit

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