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Nespresso coffee machines

Nespresso capsule coffee machines have long gained popularity. When using them, you do not have to deal with roasting and grinding grains, you do not need to specifically choose a variety. It is enough to combine several flavors of coffee and enjoy your favorite drink.

The coffee machine itself determines the amount of water to fill the bowl, the temperature and the preparation mode. This is possible by reading the code from the capsule. Perhaps the work with the device is that you need to install the capsule and press the control button.

The manufacturer points out that the Nespresso coffee machine was created for a completely new way of preparing a drink. The spinning speed of the capsules is about 7000 rpm.


Nespresso is an exclusive system that creates the ultimate espresso. All Nespresso coffee machines are equipped with a unique extraction system that guarantees pressure up to 19 bar. Each parameter was calculated with great accuracy. This ensures that the flavors are fully extracted from each capsule for a thick and smooth crema.

How to use your coffee maker to prolong its life:

    • use the device only for its intended purpose;

    • the device works indoors and not in extreme temperature conditions;

    • keep the device away from direct sunlight and excessive humidity;

    • Suitable for kitchens in shops, offices, farmhouses and other residential areas.

The coffee maker greatly facilitates the preparation of a drink, because it is easy to use.

What if the Nespresso machine does not work?

Specialists of service centers are well versed in capsule coffee makers. The device should be shown to a qualified person.

Causes of failure:

    • The power cord is defective. Sometimes damage, scratches or sagging can be visually noticeable on it;

    • Some coffee machines are protected against short circuits. In this case, the device is completely de-energized if the lid of the brewing compartment is open;

    • in case of overheating, thermal protection is activated, then the coffee maker will not turn on until it has completely cooled down;

    • The thermal block is clogged with deposits or scale. The contacts of the device can move away and the circuit opens;

    • the most serious situation – the electronic control unit is out of order.

Typically, service center specialists identify and eliminate such causes of breakdowns.

Can you fix your own coffee maker?

Do not try to determine and eliminate the cause of the breakdown yourself, you risk exacerbating the situation. In addition, it is unlikely that you will be able to easily find the necessary parts for replacement.

What can be done to prevent the problem:

    • Use only filtered water. This will protect against the formation of scale on the internal parts of the coffee machine;

    • Watch out for power outages. Frequent turning on (off) of the device leads to breakdown;

    • Avoid wearing parts. If possible, change some parts, especially if the device has been serving for many years;

    • sloppy work, lack of regular cleaning: another reason why the Nespresso machine does not work. Manual cleaning is usually sufficient;

    • Avoid getting foreign objects inside the structure, blockage of filters.

With proper maintenance, your coffee maker will last much longer.

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