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Air conditioning or gas boiler – which is better?

Individual heating in the house will help save money and be more efficient than centralized heating. The increase in tariffs may also cause the search for an alternative method of heating.

Why choose an air conditioner?

Air conditioners with a reverse function can also work to heat any room. In this they are similar to heat pumps, but with a narrower selection of temperatures. The best choice in this case would be an inverter air conditioner. Inverter control of the compressor allows you to more accurately regulate the temperature, and such equipment is also more economical.

Air conditioners use the principle of condensing refrigerant, which boils from the heat supplied by the outdoor air fan. The process itself goes like this:

    1. Air intake by fan.

    2. Refrigerant condensation.

    3. The transition of the refrigerant to a liquid state.

    4. Heat transfer to the room.

The air conditioner is able to extract even the smallest amount of heat from the surrounding air, however, the colder it gets outside, the higher the power consumption. On average, inverter air conditioners are able to operate at temperatures up to -15°C, if it falls below -20°C, the equipment вmay fail.

In the absence of gas, heating a residential building in spring and autumn with such an air conditioner will cost about 3-4 times cheaper compared to electric heaters.

Pros of air conditioners

Short list of benefits:

    • work economically in mild and temperate climates;

    • air heating – a good addition to the main gas;

    • there is a built-in air purification function.

Thus, the air conditioner is perfect for people living in areas with warm winters, where the temperature rarely drops below -10°C.

Air conditioner problems

The main problem with this type of heating is the need for an additional heat source. In cold weather, air conditioners quickly fail. The pipeline is limited, so for a large house this option will not be suitable.

In the process of work, you can see various hardware software errors at startup. The error e7 of the daikin air conditioner is one of the most common and indicates that the fan motor is blocked due to excess current.

Also, problems can arise with other components, ranging from a dirty air filter (AH-), to a malfunction of the blockage sensors (H6 and H7). For more information about possible error codes, see the documentation that comes with the equipment.

Why choose a gas boiler?

A gas boiler should be installed if all the necessary communications have already been laid. It can become the main source of heat in the house, depending on its design, providing heating for both small and large areas.

Gas boilers can be wall-mounted or floor-standing, the latter option is distinguished not only by its large weight, but also by its high efficiency. Wall-mounted ones are suitable for small apartments, as they are compact and easy to use.

Advantages of gas boilers

Brief description of the advantages of this option:

    • heating of large areas;

    • work even at extreme temperatures;

    • high stability of the system compared to the air conditioner;

    • it is possible to install a double-circuit boiler, which provides the house not only with heat, but also with hot water.

Also, gas boilers can be universal and use solid fuel for heating.

Problems of gas boilers

Gas equipment is not without problems, gas boiler errors are usually displayed on the display and it will be difficult to understand what exactly is broken the first time. Designations are unique for each manufacturer, so exact information can only be obtained in the documentation. If the boiler does not have a display, you can find out about its emergency condition by indirect signs: bulbs or indicators.

Particular attention should be paid to the gas burner, it is often clogged. It is possible that the chimney is clogged, the thermostat is malfunctioning, or the voltage in the supply circuit is low. It is important to check your equipment regularly to keep it working.

Boiler or air conditioner?

Gas boilers are great for multi-storey residential buildings or apartments, if everything you need is already laid there. Even in cold weather, the equipment will continue to work and will be able to heat all connected rooms.

Air conditioning is more of an aid. Heating one or two rooms is his maximum. It can be an additional system to help the main one. On average, costs will be lower, but during frosts they will rise sharply, catching up with boilers.

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