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Choosing A Roof Glazing Type for Your Project

When it comes to installing a glass roof to your home, it can be tough to know the best option of glazing for you. With such a huge array of options to choose from, how do you know the right style to keep your home protected and looking its best? 

The best roof glazing type for your property will depend on a range of factors, and this guide will help you find the perfect style for your home. 

Why choose a glass roof?

Before looking at the various glazing types on offer, what are the benefits of installing a glass roof? These beautiful additions can help to flood your rooms with plenty of natural light, brightening up your space. 

As technology evolves, roof glazing is able to offer homeowners a wide range of options, from remote pop-up openings to versatile pivoting, ensuring you can create the perfect finish to your home. A glass roof is also a beautiful addition, transforming the aesthetics and helping to boost the value of your property.

Types of roof glazing

There can be no denying the benefits of a glass roof, but which is the best type? There are many different options to choose from, but some of the most common include:

Wired Glass 

Wired glass is a popular choice for those looking to increase the safety of their glass. Featuring a wire mesh inside the glass, it prevents the glass from shattering should it break, making it a cost-effective solution for the home and commercial property.

Toughened Glass 

For homeowners looking to maximize their safety, toughened glass is a great solution. This highly durable type of glass achieves its strength by being heated to far higher temperatures before being quickly cooled. This ensures that the glass is far more impact-resistant, and it can also withstand the pressure of someone walking on it. 

Laminated Glass

This style of glazing is very similar to toughened glass in terms of durability, but it is created using multiple layers protected by PVB film. This ensures that should the glass receive a significant impact, it will not shatter and will instead remain in one piece, ensuring there are no pieces falling down below. 

Thermal Glass

Thermal glass is a fantastic solution for those looking to improve the comfort of their interior. This long-lasting and durable glass helps to reduce heat gain and loss, significantly enhancing the energy efficiency of your property and lowering your energy bills in the process. 

Finding the right style of roof for your property 

Finding the right type of glass glazing for your roof can completely transform the aesthetics and comfort of your home; however, it can be tough to know the best option for you. While the four listed above are popular options, there is a wide range of solutions available, and discussing your options with your contractor or architect will ensure that you can enjoy the very best glass roof possible!

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