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Greenworks invests in the UK & EU market with greener garden tool range

Tool giant Greenworks is bringing its greener garden tools range to the UK to provide powerful and durable petrol alternatives

Global cordless tool manufacturer Greenworks has appointed Optimizon, a specialist UK based Amazon Agency as its UK and European representative. With a new range of tools from world-class garden machinery manufacturer Greenworks, garden professionals can move from non-durable products that rely on fossil fuels, to powerful and durable battery-powered garden tools.

The best battery technology in the world

As part of the multi-billion dollar company Globe Tools, Greenworks provides the world’s leading line of cordless home and garden products. Its batteries use the best electronics and battery technology in the world, and the products are built to last.

It may take a little while for UK consumers to become familiar with the brand. However, garden professionals have probably already heard of one of its shareholders, STIHL, which provides products to professionals in the fields of forestry, agriculture, landscaping and construction. 

Greenworks delivers power and performance comparable to fossil fuel powered tools, but without the pollution, toxic fumes and durable high vibration and noise of gasoline tools. 

In the cordless and corded power tool markets, the two companies complement each other and aim to develop a partnership that will bring both companies maximum synergies and profits in terms of efficiency, product development and production.

Optimizon, marketplace experts specialising in Amazon

A leading Amazon marketplace consultancy, Optimizon, has partnered with Greenworks to increase the online market presence of its battery-operated outdoor power tools for DIYers and professionals. 

The Optimization Amazon Specialist plans to increase Greenworks’ visibility on the platform and will launch the entire Greenworks product line in the UK and EU via Amazon and eBay. Optimizon will be working with Greenworks for product launches, DSP and AMS functions. 

James Pitts-Drake, CEO of Optimizon, said: “Optimizon is delighted to be working with a global leader in home improvement and gardening to achieve its ambitious goals. It is clear that the future is not just about gasoline-powered equipment, so we are delighted to be able to be a part of it.”

“We want to support Greenwork’s to develop their brand on Amazon as an alternative to petrol machinery, and deliver to customers a brand experience that is second to none.”

Consumers seeking petrol alternatives

Electric appliances are becoming more and more popular due to current global events and climate concerns. The Greenworks range of battery powered outdoor cordless power tools range from 24V to 82V in commercial quality. They also offer a full line of wired and wireless home and garage appliances, including vacuums and pressure washers. 

“Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world, and it aggressively targets strong brands to sell directly on the platform. Now is the perfect time for brands to thrive on Amazon.” 

Simon DelNevo, Executive Vice President of Greenworks Group, added: “Optimizon is a highly specialised company and we are delighted to be working with them to bring our range of garden tools to the UK and Europe. We are very proud of the range and know what our customers want: A future-proof gasoline alternative that is well designed and will stand the test of time.”

If you would like to learn more about the Greenworks battery powered garden tool range, please visit the Greenworks Amazon store.

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