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How To Run Successful LinkedIn Ads – 6 Effective Tips

Is boosting leads or attracting more qualified leads your business goal? Then, you should adopt social media advertising. Social media advertising, especially with LinkedIn, is ideal for connecting with professionals in your industry, attracting more leads, and growing your business.

What are the different LinkedIn ad services? How can you run successful LinkedIn ads? This article discusses six tips for running successful LinkedIn ads. Kindly follow through.

#1 – Tailoring Your Ads

Knowing who you’re trying to reach is integral to running LinkedIn ads. You can tailor your ad format and content to suit their interest when you know your audience.

Some parameters for targeting your audience on LinkedIn include company name or industry, job specifications, skills, gender, degree, or field of study.

#2 – Picking the Best Ad Format for Your Campaign

After picking an ad type, the next step is to choose an ad format that will produce the best results for your campaign. The best ad format type depends on the ad content you’re running. The several ad formats you can choose from to create an appealing ad include;

  • Text Ads

As the name implies, text ads only include text and are displayed on your feed’s sidebar. In addition, you can only use this ad format with text ad types.

  • Single Image Ads

The most common ads on LinkedIn are single image ads. A high-quality, exciting photo and some texts are features of this ad format. Furthermore, single image ads are best for sponsored content

  • Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads consist of multiple images in one ad, and you can only use them with sponsored content. Additionally, they are great for showcasing numerous products or spanning one image over the entire carousel.

  • Video Ads

You can engage with your audience, increase interaction, and provide much information within a short period using video ads. Additionally, this ad format is suitable for sponsored content

  • Follower Ads

You can promote your LinkedIn page, help people see your content, and get more members to follow the page using follower ads. Furthermore, this ad format is suitable for sponsored content or InMail

  • Spotlight Ads

You can use spotlight ads to showcase your products and services as an advertiser. Furthermore, you can direct a user that clicks on your spotlight ad to a landing page or a web page. Spotlight ads are only used with sponsored content

  • Job Ads

LinkedIn job ads are ideal for finding new employees. You can use this ad format if your goal is to recruit new talent for your open positions. Furthermore, job ads are useful in sponsored content or InMail

#3 – Choosing the Right Objective

Before running an advertising campaign, it is best to have a goal in mind and know what you want to achieve. LinkedIn ads are ideal for attaining several objectives, including website visits, engagement, video views, and lead generation.

Website visits are a suitable objective for your campaign if the goal is to increase traffic to your website and landing pages. The engagement objective is excellent if your campaign’s goal is increasing activity on your LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn video views are great for seeing the engagement and exposure of your video ads. While the lead generation objective is ideal if your goal is to get people to attend an event or sign up for a mailing list

#4 – Creating Personalized Ads

With personalized ads, you can reach interested leads, increasing their involvement in your product or service. Personalization is a crucial component of your campaign because personalized ads help you deliver a tailored experience to your audience’s unique interests.

Everyone has different reasons for being interested in your business. Creating personalized ads that target people specifically increases their interests, increasing engagement and interaction with your LinkedIn ads.

#5 – Crosschecking Your Ads

Before publishing your ads, you have to ensure they look professional. Professional and error-free ads look good and reflect on your business positively.

Because LinkedIn is a professional networking site, before publishing your ad, ensure it is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Another vital element of your ads is your visuals. Ensure they look authentic because stock photos do not generate the best results. Furthermore, ensure the information you’re providing your audience is clear and precise.

An error-free and professional ad increases your campaign’s effectiveness, engaging your audience and increasing interest in your business.

#6 – Testing Your Ads

You should always test your ads before making them public. Ad testing helps you produce the best ads for your campaign. After testing, you should only put out the best copy of the ad. Running A/B tests on your ads helps you determine the most effective version

Showing two different ad versions to the same audience is a way to run an A/B test on LinkedIn. You can then check which one has more clicks and leads. Additionally, you can test different LinkedIn ad types to know which one performs better. For instance, running a carousel ad and photo ad helps you know the best for your audience and engagement

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