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Virtual Assistant career – vital skills and qualities for becoming a specialist 

People who own a business choose to hire a virtual assistant because they need an additional team member. Also, the work-from-home environment helps business owners to reduce their costs while receiving the necessary support from their virtual employees. 

Choosing to follow a virtual assistant career may be the perfect option for people who have a passion for organisation and want to start a home-based business. Whether you decide to be a contractor or a freelancer, collaboration happens remotely, so you can work from anywhere and have a flexible work schedule.  

As an assistant, you offer administrative, marketing, social media, travel, phone support to other businesses. Offering help with various tasks like data entry, email management, content writing or answering the phone, a virtual assistant is the helping hand every company needs. 

It may seem easy to choose this career path, but becoming a virtual assistant requires discipline and self-motivation. They are always challenged to prove their ability to manage multiple tasks, satisfy clients’ needs, and improve their knowledge about the job they perform.   

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Here are some skills to consider if you want to become a virtual assistant:


Paying attention to details is a must when working as a virtual assistant. Accuracy is essential because even the slightest mistake can unbalance the company’s objectives. You must be very careful and avoid unexpected circumstances that can affect the company’s image. 

Multiple tasks and deadlines can disturb your cognitive functions so train your mind to concentrate and avoid possible mistakes. Pay attention to every small detail such as dates, formats and numbers, and make sure you follow the client’s instructions. 

A detail-oriented assistant becomes familiar with the pressure of multitasking, knowing how to handle clients’ needs, manage booking tasks or emails and solve the problems faster. However, to err is human so if you are a business owner, avoid putting much pressure on your virtual employee. They will identify the mistake and redress it.  

Communication and writing skills 

Minimum communication skills are required regardless of the chosen career. Whether you choose to work from home or go to the office, communication is the key to successful collaborations. Being a good speaker means communicating your ideas and making yourself clear. It’s better to use simple words because it eases the information exchange and helps the clients to feel more comfortable during conversations. 

When you work as a virtual assistant, impeccable oral and writing skills are mandatory because all your work relies on emails or messaging platforms, phone and video calls. It’s essential to communicate efficiently with your employer, letting him know if there is a problem that requires urgent solving or you need more information about a business-related topic.

Having multilingual skills is a great advantage if you work with international clients. Besides communicating in your clients’ language, listening and understanding others are essential elements for successful professional collaborations, so make sure you understand what others try to express. 


Good marketing and informed decisions can help a company grow, increasing its performance. For business owners it may be difficult to create original content for their business because they are often limited on time. Employers may choose to hire a virtual assistant for marketing support. 

Assistants can implement:

  • marketing plans, to elevate the company’s marketing;
  • market research, to identify trends or competitors
  • on-point content writing to boost blog views
  • email marketing for news and updates sent to customers’ inboxes
  • good social media management to increase the company’s popularity 
  • simple updates for the company’s site for keeping things up-to-date

Knowing how to manage these areas will make you stand out in the industry. 

Organisational skills 

If you love organisation, becoming a virtual assistant may be the best option for you. Business owners choose to hire an assistant because they need someone who can organise their daily tasks and manage appointments, phone calls, emails, social media posts or travel and events arrangements. You can use online tools and systems such as Microsoft Office to ease your work. They can help you add or remove information and keep track of changes that may occur. 

Good management of time stressful situations

Knowing how to manage your time is advantageous when you have a multitasking job. Think about time management systems that can help you operate all your clients’ requirements and pay attention to stress.

Stressful situations may be difficult to handle, so learning to work under pressure without affecting you is crucial when working as a virtual assistant. Try to perform your daily tasks using a positive mindset and a stress management system that helps you maintain healthy working patterns. For example, short breaks or a nutritious meal can offer you a productivity boost. 

Meeting deadlines can become an everyday stressor but think about the best part. Deadlines can motivate you to work on projects that require attention and good time management. If something unexpected occurs, you will know how to fix the problem and finish the task without delay. 

Remember to inform your client if you ever feel overwhelmed. The best action for successful results is finding solutions for difficult situations while working as a team.  

Positivity, reliability and self-motivation

Being positive can help you increase productivity and creativity. A virtual assistant needs a creative mind to help them manage their tasks rapidly and find ideas for any unexpected changes or problems. 

Being trustworthy is an essential requirement when working with different companies because you will access all their data. Always consider your clients’ requirements and concentrate on finishing particular studies or tasks before having your employer ask about their status. Your clients will trust your work and appreciate your efforts. Your mission is to ease the company’s tasks and facilitate business development. Having a reliable attitude helps you to always be on duty and complete tasks with responsibility. 

Self-motivation is essential because working from home can distract your attention from daily work tasks. Discipline and motivation help you stay focused, manage time-sensitive requests and complete on time other charges you may receive. Try to organise your time, following a practical work routine that will help you stay motivated and meet deadlines without delay. 

Choosing to follow a virtual assistant career can offer you multiple advantages and a wide range of opportunities, such as working remotely and unlimited earning potential. 

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