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Professional Trader Samuel Leach Snaps Up Triple Digit Growth

In March, Founder and Director of Samuel and Co Trading, Samuel Leach celebrated his birthday in true trading style – by competing his very own trade floor build.

Leach has made the news previously for his lavish lifestyle and high-value investments in various stocks, but there is more to this entrepreneur than meets the eye…

Samuel has been trading in the stock and forex market for over ten years and rose to fame through his public stock calls and banking a fortune on the oil rally as covered by The Express. Back in 2021, Leach made the news as he bought WTI Crude Oil at $8 a barrel. With Oil hitting a high of $120 last month, it’s clear Leach made one of the biggest calls in his career with this 1,500% return.

A year ago this month, Leach made an extraordinary trade call on Instagram, concerning a virtually unheard-of stock ‘Brighton Pier’. Personally, I questioned how that was even a stock, but nonetheless, it is listed and tradeable. More importantly, Leach went into depth in the video which also uncovered how George Soros was one of the largest shareholders of the company, under Soros Fund Management LLC. Either way, whether you like his blunt mannerism you must give credit where it’s due with the stock rallying over 250% within the last 12 months.

Leach is arguably one of the most intriguing millennial traders to watch, when I think there isn’t anything more to see on his profile it keeps on coming. He recently completed a 7 figure algo deal with a European hedge fund. The news went viral across multiple news outlets.

As if the year hadn’t been big enough for the young trader, news is emerging that during the Pandemic Leach decided to build his own trade floor. As with many things with Samuel, things are not merely as they seem. Not only did Samuel build a trading floor, but included a cinema, fully customised gym, meditation room, steam showers and a pool room.

See the images below to get an insight into this young trader’s facilities, which constitute an amazing place to work. I caught up with Samuel Leach to see what he has been up to lately and he said

I’ve been very quiet on social media, and I’ve just been getting my head into big trading opportunities whilst trying to support my local community.

I’m in the process of donating my office cinema facilities to be used by a local disability charity when required.

In addition, we have recently donated over ten tonnes to the Ukrainian refugees in Poland and I’m currently thinking of further charitable causes to get behind.”

When interviewing Samuel Leach, I asked what tips he has for fellow investors and entrepreneurs who are trying to follow in his footsteps. Leach said

The problem is most people are very short-sighted, they want results now and so they try to skip all of the education and learning hurdles to rush to trading now, they then fall short of their expectations and move on to the next thing.

The art is in consistency and sticking at it. That is what makes the difference between successful individuals and those who fall short.”

His Instagram is worth following to keep up to date with his investment thought process, and even in his Instagram stories you can pick up on some very interesting tips and tricks.

Most recently he has called on investing in Boohoo after multiple brokers downgraded the stock. It will be interesting to see how this pick pans out over the next 12 months.

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