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Boost Your Business with Videos

Video has been playing one of the most essential roles in business field through all these years. During the previous stage, it can be said that words and images prevail, but nowadays videos nearly is everywhere in business.

Video, compared with images, is more eye catchy and informative in a certainly short period of time. At present marketers are trying to make full use of videos with the help of social media services like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, etc. Video, rather than a tool, can be recognized as an industry. The “Vlog Boom” is a witness for its rapid development. It has become popular for both enterprises and persons. In addition, the video quality is getting amazingly better with the advance of tech. HEVC video seems to be chased for by every video users, and most of them choose to use a HEVC converter to handle the big file size of such video.

What a commercial video should be like

  1. Think like viewers

Some of the marketers might encounter with the dilemma that the video cannot bring a nice outcome even after they have put much effort to make the video seen widely. Maybe at this time you should pay attention to the video itself and find out that whether it’s just what you think, instead of the audience.

  • Straight to the point

We are not saying that a commercial video should directly tell the audience that we are doing this for business. Rather, it means that video is better to be clear about the main topic. What the condition audience is under and why they need your product? Try to trigger their resonation.

  • Eye-catchy

We are all visual animals. In an era of short videos, most of us will swipe to the next one without hesitation if a video cannot catch our eyes in the first 5 seconds. Therefore, it’s a nice way to define your unique video style. Being interesting is what the audience want, and your own style will make them remember you.

Problems of videos

For business, although some changes or even emergency will happen now and then, mostly we have to do everything based on schedule. Like making videos to grow your business, you should ensure that the video can be online in time. This needs high efficiency in daily work. However, as mentioned above, higher resolution is a key feature if today’s video and this may lead to some problems. Usually HD videos are much larger in file size, making it harder to edit or upload.

How to edit and upload your business video quickly

The key is to downsize your video for easily importing it to video editors and uploading to social media sites. Sometimes large file size is hard to edit because it take much time to simply importing it. After adding some effect, problems like lagging playback might appear, which is really time wasting. When you try to release the video to social media sites like YouTube on time. Big video size is troublesome as well as it causes lengthy wait or even uploading error sometimes.

For this, a professional video compressor WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is recommended because it can make your business video smaller by up to 90%.

In addition, its hundreds of inputs and outputs help you handle the video format easily and flexibly like HEVC to MP4, WebM to AVI, MKV to MP4, WMV to MPEG4, etc. Also, it can process your video at a very fast speed. Although your video receives a large size reduction, the video quality will still stay the same. Better handle your business video and it will surprise you.

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