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How to Use Instagram Live for your business

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with approximately 112.5 million users in 2020. From insight gathering to product sales, Instagram continues to introduce tools to help business owners succeed on social media platforms. 

It’s never too late to join and to succeed on Instagram and gain real Instagram views. With the right marketing strategy, companies can promote their products and services, strengthen their brand, and increase their Instagram sales. 

  1. Create an incentive to encourage people to participate in Instagram live videos. 

When you first go live, Instagram will display a message to your followers informing them that you have started a live video. During this time, remember that you are still recorded. Instead of waiting for the viewer to start the presentation, proceed as planned and respond to the viewer’s comments as needed. 

Make sure you have mastered some basics so that your audience does not get distracted. Invite people to comment or indicate happiness, interests, or experiences on a particular topic. This allows the live viewer to provide feedback and collaborate on the experience. 

  1. Practice and Preparation 

Do not overwrite or rehearse the script of the video. However, it’s a good idea to have a plan. Before the live stream, write a loose script to see what you mean. Preparation reduces the chance of making mistakes while you are alive. 

It’s also good to know how long they live stream will last. After practising the script a few times, record a test video and look for areas to improve the viewer’s experience. 

  1. Repeating the purpose of the video 

Viewers may have seen the live stream ad and planned to participate in advance. Others may have come across your live stream by chance. Maybe they have seen your content before and are interested in what you have to say. 

Anyway, one of the most effective Instagram Live tips is to repeat what you do with the live stream. This is an Instagram Live topic to discuss. The question you answer; the problem you solve. This reassures people that they are in the right place and gives them a reason to keep watching. 

  1. Set SMART Goals 

To be successful on social media, it is important to know how to set the right goals. Instagram Live goals are no exception. It’s the difference between jumping into a live stream without plans or goals and jumping into a live stream that knows exactly what you want to do and how to do it.  

Once you understand the overall purpose of the video series, you should take the time to determine how you want to proceed from episode to episode. This makes it much easier to build a consistent series across multiple streams and give each episode a clear subgoal and thereby boost your Instagram presence.

  1. Create a video map  

Think of an Instagram Live video as a road trip. On your way to your final destination, you need to know all the pit stops. This is why it is important to create a map or outline of your video. Make a note of all the points you want to cover and the period you want to cover them. This allows you to focus and get the video on track. Otherwise, it can easily come off the rails. 

  1. Promote  Instagram Live  

You can’t expect others to turn on your live stream automatically. People need to know their existence first, and then always remember when and where each episode is being played. It’s no coincidence that the promotion of live TV shows on traditional television is so common on the screen. 

You need to start posting details on many regular Instagram posts as well as all other social networks. If you send emails to your mailing list regularly, don’t forget to include your Instagram live stream in your emails. 

  1. Notify Fans 

Promote to increase the audience of LIVE videos. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the most obvious one is to use Instagram itself. Post a graphic or video containing a  topic, date, and time to your Instagram news feed and story. 

Finally, be sure to contact all the different social media networks to post information about the LIVE video there and include your Instagram name. 


Instagram Live is growing in popularity, but many are either responsive or miss the opportunity to effectively attract followers. Organize your live video schedule and come from a quality location. That way, you can get through your followers more effectively and communicate.

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