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Who Pays the Party Wall Surveyors Fees In London?

To have a nice and comfortable relationship with your neighbor party wall surveyor hold a prominent place. A shared wall between you and your neighbor is recalled as a party wall. In the United Kingdom, party wall issues are common. 

Before involving a party wall in your construction projects, you have to ask for the permission of your neighbor to avoid the legal pitfall. A party wall surveyor can help you resolve your issues with your neighbor under the Party Wall Act 1996. 

Looking for complete detail regarding the cost of hiring a party wall surveyor specialist in London? This article comprises everything you need to know.

Who Are Party Wall Surveyors?

Sharing a property with your neighbor, including a wall or a floor, you have to be conscious before starting your construction projects. Different factors might irritate your neighbor when you begin your construction or renovation project, and they can cause you trouble by involving the law. Nobody wants to have bad terms with their neighbors because they can be helpful at times, watching your house or pets for you. 

A party wall surveyor is a person that can resolve the matter between you and your neighbor by bringing a mutual bridge so you can have complete privacy to hire labor and start your project. You can find a well-reputed party wall surveyor in London tailored to your needs.

A party wall surveyor specialist holds complete training and experience dealing with disputes regarding party walls. You can get a professional to perform party wall surveys in London, and the hiring can be done by one party or by mutual agreement. There can be more than one party wall surveyor can be involved.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Party Wall Surveyor?

The cost or fee of having a party wall surveyor by your side depends on various factors. After getting the response to Party Wall Notice from your neighbor, you can revolt your next step that impacts the party wall surveyor’s fee.

Hiring a party wall surveyor specialist can range between £90 to £460 per hour. Mostly it depends on the type of project you are about to start. The total cost of surveyors depends on the time required to complete the survey. The detail of your work plan also impacts the fee. 

Party Wall Award is the final result of hiring a party wall surveyor in London. Getting a party wall award also ranges between £800 to £1000 or more. This award is a type of agreement between both parties, and you can start your project as soon as the award gets signed.

Factors Impact On Party Wall Surveyors’ Fee

Different factors are involved in defining the cost of hiring a party wall surveyor in London. If your neighbor responds with a ‘Dissent and appoint an agreed party wall surveyor’ of your party wall notice, you can hire a party wall surveyor that can represent both of you. In that case, you can divide the cost of your mutual surveyor with your neighbor.

In case of complete dissent by your neighbor, you’re supposed to hire a party wall specialist who can fight your case and bring a mutual agreement to start your project with complete privacy.

A number of factors hold a prominent place in deciding party wall surveyors’ fees. Some of these factors involved the following;

  • Type of project.
  • Size of the property.
  • Design and complexity of the project.
  • Hours required to complete the survey.
  • Quality and completing duration of the project.
  • Level of risk towards the property of a neighbor.
  • The number of surveyors needed to perform the survey.
  • Any need for complex negotiation between both parties.
  • Your living area or location also holds an impact on the party wall surveyors’ charges.

Bottom Line

Party wall issues can be complex and drag your projects. To resolve the matter of being on good terms with your neighbor, you have to have a professional party wall surveyor. Based on the type of construction project, which might be a loft conversion, extension, basement, boundary wall, and the new or old building, also cast a visible impact on the cost of hiring a party wall surveyor in London. Identifying party walls and party structure, informing your neighbors, generating a high-quality design, and contacting a well-reputed party wall surveyor prior to starting your project make dealing with party wall issues more convenient and easy.

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