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Is Forex Fury The Best? (An In-Depth Forex Fury Review)

In today’s Forex Fury review, we will discuss the mind-blowing features of Forex Fury. We will also talk about how Forex Fury can change your trading game and bring remarkable results in 2022 and beyond.

Forex trading is a skill that has helped people earn good bucks. The world’s largest market operates 5 days a week around the clock, giving traders 24 hours to buy, sell, or hold currencies.

But, as humans, we have our limitations. Our mind and body cannot stay focused to trade throughout the day and night for 5 days straight. But thanks to technology that created automated Forex EAs. These bots can trade currencies whenever you want and however you want.

The best part?

You don’t have to stay glued to your screens. You can relax while the EA will trade, seize money, or pull you out of trade to protect your investments.

So, which Forex EAs should you invest in?

Forex Fury is one of the most popular and trusted Forex EAs in the market. Let’s take a detailed look at it.

A Brief Introduction About Forex Fury

The mind and effort behind this great bot is Rypax Inc., which is also the creator of Forex Stream, a popular forex product.

The developing team understands the needs and requirements of beginner and advanced traders to ace the market. Hence, they have equipped Forex Fury with advanced features to provide amazing results to traders.

According to the developers, the win rate of this automated Forex EA is 93%. They also have 15 years of backtesting data to back their claims.

Let’s quickly overview some of the features of Forex Fury, but before that, see how this trader doubled his account with this Forex Trading Robot:

What Are The Main Features of Forex Fury?

1. User-Friendly 

Forex Fury is one of the simplest and easiest to use Forex EA that you will find on the internet. A trader doesn’t need any coding or programming knowledge to install and use the robot. The UI and UX of this trading bot are remarkable, making it a no-brainer for traders to use.

Moving on to its next amazing feature, which is:

2. Easy to Download 

It takes less than 10 minutes to download and install Forex Fury. The Forex Fury team provides the user with an instructional video to guide the users to install and run the software without any hitch.

Another superb feature of this Forex EA is its…

3. Compatibility With Trading Platforms

Forex Fury understands that shifting to a new trading platform is an uphill task. Thus, this smart Forex bot is compatible with various platforms, including MT4, MT5, and FIFO.

Up next, we have:

4. Advanced Money Management System 

The forex market is highly volatile and risks your capital in an unfavorable situation. But with Forex Fury, traders can relax and count on this smart Forex bot. The failsafe money management system on Forex Fury is one of the favorite features of traders.

The 5th feature of this highly advanced bot is…

5. Wide Range of Filters 

Forex trading and analysis go hand in hand. A trader who trades without analysis is like a blind man shooting in a dark room.

Forex Fury offers a wide range of filters to traders to understand the market and price movements.

Forex Fury also provides terrific customer service. Let’s discuss it more in the infra paragraph:

6. Remarkable Customer Service

Forex Fury doesn’t only assist its customers during the buying phase. Instead, it provides lifelong customer support.

The customer support team quickly responds to its customers’ queries and provides them with the best solution.

Forex Fury Settings 

Forex Fury is designed to meet the needs of every type of trader. Forex EA is ideal for the beginner, intermediate, and seasoned forex traders.

Does Forex Fury Work?

Yes, Forex Fury works on live trading accounts and demo accounts.

The installation process is super simple. After buying the robot from the website, the user will receive a download link, installation instructions, and video via email.

The user can easily install the Forex EA and set it up for trading currencies without hiring anyone.

Is Forex Fury Free To Use?

Forex Fury is one of the most powerful, advanced, and well-performing Forex EAs. It is loaded with useful tools and features to enable traders to ace trading and inflate their accounts with profits. Thus, it is not free.

However, it is reasonably priced and super affordable even for a beginner trader. Currently, Forex Fury offers two buying packages, i.e., Diamond and Gold. Let’s discuss the price and features of each package.

Diamond Package 

  • The price of the Diamond Package is $439.99.
  • It is popular amongst seasoned forex players.
  • It licenses 2 live trading accounts and can be used with unlimited demo trading accounts.
  • The diamond package provides customers lifetime membership, software updates, and lifelong customer service.

Gold Package 

  • The price of the gold package is $229.99.
  • It licenses 1 live trading account and can be used with unlimited demo trading accounts.
  • Gold package customers receive software updates, lifetime membership, and remarkable customer service.

The customer has to pay once to buy the product and avail its other features. Forex Fury doesn’t charge any monthly fee, membership charges, or service costs from its customers.

Let’s take a look at the latest version of Forex Fury in 2022

Forex Fury’s Latest Version in 2022

The developers of Forex Fury are never at rest. They continuously strive to modify the Forex EA to equip it with the best features to enable traders to make profitable trades.

Let’s explore some of the newly included features in Forex Fury’s latest version:

1. Enable or Hide SL/TP

In Forex Fury’s latest version, you can enable or disable SL/TP without a hitch.

The second fantastic feature added to Forex Fury V5 is:

2. News Filter

News and forex trading have a hand-in-glove relationship. To ace your trades and mint good money, you must be well aware of all the important news that hits the market.

The forex market is highly volatile. The major economic, political, and other important news are easily affected by currency prices.

The helpful news filter feature in Forex Fury’s latest version is game-changing for traders. They can easily access all the major news while trading.

Up next, we have the 3rd feature of Forex Fury’s BETA version:

3. Trend Filter 

Trading without proper analysis is like diving into a deep-sea without any equipment. Traders analyze price movements and the overall market behavior before opening trades.

The powerful trend filter feature enables traders to review trends according to their desired timeframes and devise a foolproof trading strategy.

Moving on to the 4th newly added feature, which is:

4. Martingale Strategy Adjustments

Seasoned forex traders love martingale strategy adjustments. It protects their capital when the currency prices move in an unfavorable direction.

Forex Fury’s Martingale Strategy adjustment is fierce, which the traders absolutely love.

Another feature of  Forex Fury’s BETA version is:

5. Money Management Adjustment 

The Money Management Adjustment system enables the traders to maintain a stable trading performance and grow their accounts.

This newly included feature is super helpful for traders to minimize investment risks and open more profitable positions.

Is Forex Fury Good Enough to Make Nice Profits?

Forex Fury’s developers claim that its winning record is 93%. They have proven and tested SET files that indicate that this robot helps make profitable trades.

If you have doubts about this robot’s performance, look at 15 years of backtesting data on MyFXBook.

Forex Fury MyFXBook Trading Results

Unlike many other forex robots in the market, Forex Fury doesn’t make false claims or promises. When it says that its winning rate is 93%, it says so with proper proof.

The following is 15 years of backtesting data on MyFXBook:

Latest Forex Fury Client Reviews – 2022

Still, having seconds of doubts about purchasing this amazing Forex EA? No problem!

Forex Fury has a rating of 4.5/5 stars on It has earned plenty of positive reviews from real Forex traders.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reviews:

Is Forex Fury The Best Forex EA in the Market?

The amazing features, remarkable performance, 15 years of backtesting data, and hundreds of positive reviews indicate that Forex Fury is one of the best Forex EAs.

One more thing that makes it amazing is its price plans. They are super affordable for the powerful features and outstanding services the company provides.

Forex Fury Review: Conclusion 

Using an automated forex trading bot is a smart move. It saves time, minimizes risks, and opens profitable positions for traders.

The internet has plenty of Forex EAs to select from. Traders must select a powerful Forex EA that actually works. Choosing the wrong Forex EA can land you in hot waters of huge losses. Thus, you should invest reasonable time researching for the right Forex EA that doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg.

The right Forex EA can protect traders from unfavorable market conditions, protect their capital, minimize the risk of losses, and maintain a stable trading performance.

Forex Fury is one of the leading Forex EAs in the market that you can trust in 2022 and years ahead!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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